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Ted Cruz is Projecting Straight Out of his Ass

While some senior Republicans believe Obamacare will fail on its own and that they need only wait for the inevitable, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is not content with waiting.

Amusingly, Cruz alleges that his opponents are the ones who are hurting Americans for political purposes.

[D]uring an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, Cruz dismissed the GOP leader’s wait-and-see approach. “I consider that very — the Bad Samaritan theory,” he said. “Basically inflict a bunch of harm on the American people and hope we benefit politically from it. What a terrible, cynical approach.” “I’m not interested in seeing the American people suffer just because my party might benefit politically if they blame the Democrats for the foolish policies that have been imposed,” he added.

One of the chief architects of the GOP Government Shutdown of 2013, which cost the country $24 billion in economic activity, is accusing others of inflicting harm on the American people in the hope that they benefit politically.

The man who delivered a riveting, 21-hour soliloquy of fart jokes on the floor of the Senate ahead of the government shutdown is not interested in seeing the American people suffer just because his party might benefit politically.


Maybe he’s right. He’s not interested if his party might benefit politically, but Ted Cruz is interested if Ted Cruz will benefit politically.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Yes, Ted Cruz still believes we’re all that stupid.

  • missliberties

    Cruz worked on GWB’s campaign. Also was down in Florida as a lawyer for the ChadGate. He has argued nine cases before the Supreme Court. IN other words, he is no dummy. Which again, makes him bad, very very bad, or possibly even the incarnation of evil.

  • missliberties

    What’s creepy is Ted Cruz IS EXACTLY what the right claims Obama to be.

    Cruz is a cult leader, misleading his flock, intentionally. The guy is no dummy, Hardvard Grad, and Editor of the Law Review (just like o), which makes it clear that his intentions are bad, as in not good, and by that I mean evil.

  • beth thomas

    Leave it to Texas to vote for this POS Cruz.
    Cruz such the scumbag

    • nathkatun7

      Texas is electing too many crazy people to Congress! LBJ must be turning in his grave!

  • blair houghton

    “I’m not interested in seeing the American people suffer just because my party might benefit politically”…

    Because he’s also in it for the money.

  • trgahan

    Cruz needs to do something to keep the base enriching his campaign coffers and increasing his future “political contributor” cred with the media.

  • Badgerite

    You leave something out. If it had been up to Ted Cruz, the United States would have defaulted on its debt for the first time in history. That was what he cast his vote for and most of the GOP cast their votes for. Another words, they voted for possibly a world wide great depression. GOP to the American Public—–“Do what we want, or we will hurt you.

    • mrbrink

      And doing so while the government was in shutdown amid senseless austerity and sequestration. It is in this manufactured climate of constant crisis, threats and demands, where his vote for defaulting on our debt was cast. Not a typical protest vote. More like a declaration of war on America.

      • essar1

        The key being “manufactured”

  • 1933john

    OK, who’s the wiseguy that shit in Teddy’s mess kit?
    You know who you are, own up or everyone will suffer!

  • feloniousgrammar

    He’s an infection in the body politic.