Government Shutdown Open Thread

That’s All Folks


Artist – David Fitzsimmons

Now that the second unnamed victim in the Maryville rape case has come forward, Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder has called for a grand jury. Anonymous plans to protest in the town on October 22nd.

Meanwhile, Speaker of the House John Boehner says they ‘fought the good fight’ during their shutdown, they just didn’t win.

I assume by saying ‘good fight’ he means they failed horribly and gained nothing.


  • mdblanche

    In theory the Republicans will have another chance to do this all again early next year, but I think this is the kind of thing you can only do once:

    • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

      The republicans are prone to ridiculous stunts and actually are Daffy :0)

    • JozefAL

      Sometimes I think the GOPers behave like Daffy……….right up until he explodes. Apparently they’ve never watched this cartoon through to the end. They only watch until he lights and swallows the match, then turn off the TV.

      Sort of like Phoebe Buffay from “Friends.” Her mother always turned off the TV before Old Yeller gets shot because her mother wanted to “protect” Phoebe from all the sadness in the world. (This might also explain why GOPers are so willing to send other men and women to fight in wars. They’ve watched all the old “classic” John Wayne war movies where people who got killed didn’t bleed profusely and were always able to make that last heart-stirring speech to his buddies, and all the rest of the casualties were off in the distance, rather than right up at the camera. It’s so much easier to let others hurt when you don’t have to consider the pain and suffering up close and personal.)

      • feloniousgrammar

        Like Daffy, they are also greedy.

  • Clusterpuck

    Trip on over to Boehner’s Facebook page. He’s getting murderized. Best laughs you’ll get this week with Stewart and Colbert on vacation.

  • D_C_Wilson

    The “Good fight”: Hundreds of thousands of people losing pay, the country brought to brink of default, panic in markets. All so the working class can’t have health insurance.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    Boehner’s horseshit about a “good fight” was sedition, treason and a shameless attack on our democracy that harmed millions of our citizens and cost our nation over $24 billion.
    Good fight my ass!

  • Ipecac

    Yes, they fought the “good fight” to deprive millions of Americans of healthcare while simultaneously screwing over the economy and the most vulnerable Americans with the shutdown. It was a potential twofer for the assholes.

  • Clyde’s Stuff

    Probably wouldn’t hurt for him to take a closer look into why their house when up in smoke for no apparent reason as well.