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The Future of Battery Technology: Carbon Super-Supercapacitors

Oh yes. This will especially revolutionize electric vehicles:

  • blair houghton

    phones? charge quickly enough and last long enough; charging them in seconds because you forgot is not a lifestyle changer.

    it’s the cars that matter. nuke plants and these batteries = end of fossil fuels forever. coal will be worthless dirt. we’ll use oil only to make enough recyclable plastic water bottles to replace the ones we accidentally lose. the air will be clean and that alone will be saving 200,000 lives a year. nuclear fission has killed only 300,000 people in the past hundred years, and 99% of those were because we intentionally bombed two cities, something not relevant to the issue of nuclear power. of the other 1%, 99.9% were due to deliberate failure to follow procedure in a plant designed to fail without extreme care, a design no plant is built to use any more. nobody has ever died in North America from radiation due to a nuclear power plant, whether accident or fuel production or waste.

    if these guys are going to give us full-capability electric vehicles, we at least need to pay them back by not generating the electricity from the same poison as the vehicles are using now.

  • Draxiar

    Graphene is marvelous! I read this article some time ago about it being used in solar panels. It’s “not there” yet but I expect it soon will be.

    And here’s an article much like the video above:

    And nanowires to connect it all together:

    Yes, I really like the Ecogeek website just in case anyone had doubts about that *wink*