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The Great Pumpkin


Artist – Don Landgren Jr.

According to the special coordinator working for the U.N. and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), the Syrian government has “fully cooperated” and the destruction of their chemical weapons is proceeding.

  • drspittle

    In other news, the ACA website is still an unmitigated disaster that has wreaked havoc and destruction on pundit psyches and President Obama is still blah.

    • Badgerite

      I don’t know. It seems to me it is getting a lot better. At least in terms of getting out access of information. And if the website can’t help you it refers you to local phone numbers and addresses where there are actual people, (remember those things) who can.

      • drspittle

        Sorry, Badger – I should have included snark tag about the ACA web site. I was bemoaning (as usual) the media emoprog/rethug hair on fire wah wah’s. I’m waiting for Ohio’s to be updated with the Medicaid expansion information icw ACA before I get back on. I may qualify. I’m very confident it will get better. The quality of spew from the Mainslime Media – not so much.

        • Badgerite

          Oh, sorry. Snark on.

          • drspittle

            No problem! I need to sharpen my snark skills (LOL). Good feedback.

          • feloniousgrammar

            Poe’s law is pretty binding these days. I trust you’re being snarky here and trust most people here are; but most attempts to snark about the emo left and radical right just can’t be funny right now. Lampooning the crazy doesn’t make the sense that good snark does. There is no intelligent there there to tease intelligently. It’s about as fun as imitating a rabid dog and these people are a lot more dangerous than a rabid dog.

  • trgahan

    Of course Syria is cooperating…it was ordered by their Kenyan Muslim socialist sleeper agent. It just makes sense, bro!