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The Product Of Sen. Rand Paul’s Freedom Loins

William Paul, 20 year-old son of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, son of one Ronald Earnest Paul– Father of Liberty and Freedom and homeschooling– was recently cited for underage drinking at Keeneland racetrack– where all the best in superior breeding and bloodlines go to drink and gamble on the horses.

Kentucky authorities say they have cited U.S. Sen. Rand Paul’s 20-year-old son on alcohol possession by a minor at a Kentucky racetrack.

Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control spokesman Dick Brown says agents cited William Hilton Paul on Friday during a “targeted enforcement detail” at Keeneland in Lexington.

William Paul can pay a $25 fine and court costs in advance or appear in court Nov. 15 to answer the citation. Paul is a full-time student at the University of Kentucky,

William Paul also faced alcohol-related charges in North Carolina this year, but they were dismissed in a deferred prosecution program.

He promises to spread The Message just as soon as he collects on his $2 Trifecta.

And those alcohol-related charges in North Carolina stem from an incident in January of this year, when William Paul was arrested for a plethora of charges related to his drunken assault on a female flight attendant.

William Paul, the 19-year-old son of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul

William Paul, the son of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul

The Pauls have a thing for assaulting women through legislative means, but this manifested into physical violence long ago. Somehow, they keep getting away with it.

Fortunate sons.

  • Axomamma

    “Hilton”? Really? SMH

  • Ladynurse97

    He didn’t ‘get away with it,’ he was charged a $25 fine…fitting for the ‘crime’ of not hurting anyone. It’s always nice, though, that the state gets to profit from criminal activity. I think they have a name for that, but I cannot recall what it is… ;)
    @trgahan, really? You think Rand Paul is a ‘privileged trust funder?’ That’s funny. Ron Paul is still alive, for one thing, and Rand Paul is a doctor and a senator, which would mean he EARNS his own money (and lots of it!!). FYI: this ‘privileged trust funder’ worked his way through college. He didn’t default on a single dime of student loan debt, nor did he get a free ride as a foreign student, courtesy of taxpayers.
    You’ll have to waste a lot of time digging around before you realize there is nothing you can say about ANY of the Pauls that will even remotely compare to the death, destruction, and economic devestation created by the “leaders” that YOU respect and admire.
    Until you understand what the Constitution is and what it’s there for, you will continue to live your life with the exact same political policies that we’ve had for the past 100 years, regardless of the letter your candidate sticks behind his name.

    • nathkatun7

      “…there is nothing you can say about ANY of the Pauls that will even remotely compare to the death, destruction, and economic devestation created by the “leaders” that YOU respect and admire. ”

      Please name names of the leaders we admire, and the specifics of “the death, destruction, and economic devastation” they created.

      Also, please tell us “What the Constitution is…” As you know the Constitution starts out with a preamble stating the purpose and goals of why the United States was created. Here is what the Preamble yo the U.S. Constitution says:

      “WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, ESTABLISH JUSTICE, INSURE DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY, PROVIDE FOR THE COMMON DEFENSE, PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE, and SECURE THE BLESSINGS OF LIBERTY TO OURSELVES AND OUR POSTERITY, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

      Then, in Six Articles, it lays out the Structure of the government and the specific responsibilities of the three branches of the Federal (National) government. In addition it contains 27 Amendments including the first 12 Amendments -better known as the Bill of Rights. Ironically, many right wingers who supposedly believe in the sacredness of the Constitution hate the 14th and 16th Amendments as well as the “Supremacy Clause” in Article VI of the original Constitution.

      Right wingers/Libertarians are always accusing people of violating the Constitution without specifically pointing out what constitutional provisions are being violated. Incidentally, rightist/Libertarians like Rand Paul have no qualms violating the Constitution’s Article I, Section 8, and Section 4, of the 14th Amendment when it comes to honoring U.S. debt.

      • Ladynurse97

        Yay…you can ‘cut and paste’ with the rest of them. It’s not necessary to copy this for me. I have a well-used, oft-read, dog-eared copy of the Constitution and DOI right here on my desk. I understand the branches of government and everything :)
        So you asked for the names of the leaders that you admire. I cannot provide that, only you can. I can provide a list of leaders that I THINK you admire. Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, McConnel, Geithner, the Clintons, Immanuel, Holder, et al. Am I close? If so, please take a look at our history of war. Mostly started by D’s and ended by R’s, although our recent history shows that war is bipartisan. I guess it’s hip. I’m not here to do your research for you. The internet is a beautiful thing, and the information is out there. I look at everything, I read up about the things I’m passsionate about, and I share that info with others. Google it yourself. It won’t matter if I post one link or 100 links, you’ll either read and learn or you won’t. I’m pretty sure you’re going to say something to the effect of, ‘see, I told you she couldn’t provide proof,’ and then you can all have your little laugh and go back to your peaceful ignorance. It’s up to you.
        The Bill of Rights is the first TEN amendments, not 12. And it’s leftists/statists that seem to really dislike the 14th Amend, especially Section 3 where it forbids the president from giving aid or comfort to our enemies…much like the time Obama sent US flag-burning Egypt $30M in foreign aid.
        Anyone that has to work and pay taxes so Washington can continue the unConstitutional spending should hate the 16th Amendment. If you don’t hate it, you’re either not paying attention or you’re not paying taxes.
        Lastly, yes, a lot of people dislike the Supremacy clause, because it wrongfully implies that ANY and ALL federal laws trump state law, when in fact it only covers Constitutional laws–those things that the Constitution lays out in Article 1, Section 8 as being what the federal government can govern. The remainder of the laws covering anything NOT listed in Article 1, Section 8 falls to the people and their state governments. If it gives the federal government unfettered power over all 50 states and their people, then there is really no point in having a Constitution. It would be a matter of “Rule #1-The fed govt is in charge of everyone. Rule #2-When the fed govt is not in charge, refer to rule #1.” That, I am absolutely certain, is NOT what the founders fought for. If you’d like to know more, you can research the Federalist Papers and Google the Founding Fathers Intent to learn more, directly from their writings.
        I’m not going to address the national debt. To outspend the previous guy is a bipartisan effort, and neither party can claim to be conservative with a straight face. The payments are coming due, we’re running out of money to pay for things we had money for a decade ago, a year ago, hell, a month ago. There’s no answer other than national bankruptcy on the interest we’re paying to a private central bank that prints out money by the boatload everyday, that isn’t backed by anything but hope and a promise. That was Nixon’s fault, not Bushs or Obamas, but our currency has been consistently losing value ever since. There’s no denying that, well, unless you find the truth too scary.

        • nathkatun7

          “anyone that has to work and pay taxes so Washington can continue the unConstitutional spending should hate the 16th Amendment. If you don’t hate it, you’re either not paying attention or you’re not paying taxes”

          • Ladynurse97

            That’s the first thing you’ve posted that I completely agree with, lol. ;)

  • muselet

    William Paul is a 20-year-old college student. Can I get a show of hands of everyone who drank—illegally—when they were 20 and at college? And of those of you who raised your hands, how many got a ticket or citation for it? Yeah, that’s a lot of hands. Of those of you who raised your hands, how many would have liked to have their name splashed across the internet in connection to their illegal drinking? Goodness, those hands disappeared in a hurry.

    We Lefties got justifiably annoyed by the Rs when they went after Amy Carter, we got justifiably annoyed when Rush Limbaugh when he went after Chelsea Clinton, we get justifiably annoyed when the Right goes after Sasha and Malia Obama. We rightly declare that, as a matter of principle, family is off-limits. Just because Rand and Ron Paul are almost irresistible targets doesn’t mean we chuck that principle away.

    William Paul is a nobody who happens to have been fathered by Rand Paul and as such should be allowed to make the same stupid mistakes almost everyone makes without the bright glare of publicity. If he were working as an aide to his father or had demanded not to be cited because of who his father is, that would be a different story.

    Family is off-limits.


    • D_C_Wilson

      I agree. Going after family members is a cheap shot.

    • mrbrink

      It’s not just the drinking. It’s the assault on a woman and the getting away with it that I take issue with. It’s a different world for a Senator’s son, evidently. And apparently, under your criteria, Rand Paul is off limits, too.

      • muselet

        I repeat: William Paul is a nobody. He doesn’t work in government and there are no reports that he tried to weasel out of his problems by invoking the name of his Senator father. He is a noncombatant, even with those misdemeanor charges against him being dropped (and—purely hypothetically—if Rand Paul had intervened to make that happen, then William Paul would still not the story, the story would be Rand Paul).

        For the record, I was uncomfortable with the reporting on the antics of Jenna and Barbara Bush because they were—despite who their father was—nobodies who were being stupid as only young people can be. The only such report that rose above the level of celebrity porn was when Jenna Bush had her Secret Service detail spring her latest pelvic affiliate from the local hoosegow, because that involved the misuse of government employees and resources (not to mention spectacularly bad judgment on the part of her SS detail).

        Unless and until the offspring of a notable—politician, actor, whatever—voluntarily makes her/himself a public figure, then they are off-limits. Rand Paul, a United States Senator, is a public figure, so he is a fair target (when he was merely an self-accredited ophthalmologist, not so much).


        • mrbrink

          First of all, this isn’t attacking the Obama children for wearing a t-shirt with a peace sign on it, or laughing at the Bush daughters falling down drunk. This punk ass has had every advantage in the world, provided for by Ron and Rand Paul’s anti-government checks, and he’s used his good fortune to act like an asshole and push women around– just like his father and his father. Call it a pattern of abusive behavior by a family of assholes.

          Secondly, initial reports omitted the assault charge. I found that curious, considering we’re talking about a Senator’s son. I didn’t say his family name had anything to do with it, I merely implied it– based on the fact that the charges were later dismissed, and the claims of initial reports omitting his assault charge.

          And thirdly, if in 10 years he’s not running for congress on a platform of self-made bootstraps, small government and criminalizing abortion, I might reconsider my laugh at his and his family’s expense.

          • Ladynurse97

            Where, pray tell, are you getting your information?? LOL, Ron Paul has NEVER ‘acted like an asshole and pushed women around.’ He’s a freakin OBGYN and has delivered more than 4,000 babies for crying out loud. How can someone that you claim hates women provide consistently great healthcare SPECIFICALLY TO WOMEN, at the most joyous times of their lives???
            And he’s been married to the same woman WITHOUT A SINGLE SCANDAL for more than 50 years! No cheating, no abuse, no drug use, no illegitimate children…jeeze, he’s the veritable poster boy for the Eagle Scouts.
            Secondly, the initial reports omitted the assault charge because they couldn’t prove assault. Then assault charges were added, but unsubstantiated, so they were dismissed. Yes, you falsely implied it, and then in your comment above, you made sure to state that ‘initial reports omitted the assault charge’ twice, to make it look like they had more to hide. Nice move, but that’s sneaky and underhanded.
            Thirdly, you made an obtuse prediction with no consequences for being wrong.
            You appear to be a psychopath that’s hell bent on destroying an upstanding Christian familys good name. Take your meds, mr. on-the-brink. You seriously need them.

          • mrbrink

            Oh, that’s right. You consider forcing women to work for less, women of color to be denied service because “states’ rights,” and all forced to give birth to their rapist’s baby the blessing of freedom and liberty and good enough for an honorary seat at the worst club for women ever assembled. I suppose pushing single mothers into poverty in a unregulated ‘free market’ while slashing education and turning what’s left into Jesus-rode-a-dinosaur schools while squandering $24 billion shutting down their government all while attacking public aid is working out well for a family of kooks like the Pauls, but for the rest of the population– not so much.

            Assault charges were dismissed– later. First they were substantiated, then they were unsubstantiated? That doesn’t make sense. Just because charges were dismissed– not dropped– dismissed– does not mean the assault didn’t happen. He was charged with assault. It was in the police report. I stated the facts.

            The Pauls are notorious liars and tin foil hat nut jobs. Christians? Only in Bizarro world. Whiny cult leaders and bagmen for corporations and degenerate billionaires. #1 with white supremacists. You don’t have to have muscles to push women around. Just the authority and your dim-witted approval.

          • Ladynurse97

            Wow…I had NO IDEA they were so powerful. Well if he did ALL of that as a lowly Congressman, surely your president can undo it with the flick of his wand? I mean, really…he’s ONE Congressman of 435, in ONE of three branches of government, and you make it sound like he single-handedly struck women down to the status of a dirt shrew. C’mon.
            Jeesh. The women in his district (the only place he has even a teensy bit of power) have fought back hard by personally making sure he didn’t get to deliver 4000 of their babies and not electing him 16 times to the office of Congress.
            I’d like to point out that for someone that makes all of these accusations of racism, and claiming the entire Paul family are liars and tin foil hat nut jobs, you haven’t offered a shred of evidence. You’re a mouthy name-calling liberal with zero knowledge to offer the conversation. You accuse, you repeat, you name call. You haven’t done any of the work, but you expect a pat on the back for being hateful.

          • mrbrink

            That’s right. One guy convincing an army of mental drifters, political novices, and anti-establishment cynics that the only way to save our souls is to pretend that Obama is doing it all wrong, while Reagan and Bush either never happened, or were stymied by the liberal media, and that Tea Party Republicans aren’t sick at their root while insisting we get off the backs of multi-nationals, turn the courts over to billionaires, segregate lunch counters, shutter polling places, make abortion a capital crime and turn the global financial system into a leprechaun’s pot of gold.

            Ron Paul libertarianism is the Heaven’s Gate cult of American politics. The Message, true believers, gather around, is… freedom and liberty cakes. Ooooooh…..Ahhhhhh!

            And shame on you for ignoring the fact that Ron Paul’s Message turned Rand Paul into a petulant sadist.

          • Ladynurse97

            Um…what? If I back away slowly and stop commenting, will you take me off your radar, mr. tiddly-brinks?
            I don’t understand what you’re even talking about now…I’ve never been good at deciphering unmedicated psychotic rage-rants.

          • mrbrink

            You’re either ignorant, or in denial.

    • Craig Moffitt

      If this man were not the grandson of a Congressman and the son of a Senator he would have been charged with Interference with Flight Crew, as in make no plans for the next several (up to 20) years. Family is within limits when Dad and Gandpa are using their influence to keep Junior out of prison.

      • muselet

        Maybe that would have been the charge, maybe not. And I have seen no evidence that Ron or Rand Paul tried to influence the outcome of William Paul’s arrest.

        I’m no fan of the Paul family, to put it mildly, but unless you have information Mr. Brink didn’t provide the rest of the class, William Paul remains a nobody and should be off-limits.


        • Axomamma

          You think the officers, or anyone else, have to be told specifically “Rand Paul is my father, so you better be careful”? Seriously? That is hilarious. Everyone involved knew who this drunk punk’s father was and realized that unless he was treated with kid gloves their job would be threatened. If he weren’t Rand Paul’s son, he probably would have been charged more heavily.

          I almost feel sorry for him — I’m sure being Rand Paul’s son is no picnic, but he behaves like an entitled little pr!ck, so my sympathy is limited.

  • Nefercat

    What is truly distressing about this story is that casts a bright light on the inescapable truth that there is a woman not only willing to have sex with Rand Paul, but to bear his children. {shudder}

  • eljefejeff

    gee I wonder what it is about him that he keeps getting away with it…

  • trgahan

    Shocking! The son of a privileged trust funder….er i mean rugged individualist who stands by his own boot straps, and is now a “Thanks Dad!” Senator that the media forces us to take seriously is an over-privileged brat who himself will be sliding into millionaire status and his own role of hocking faux-libertarianism ideology?

    Who’d a thunk it?

    • beulahmo

      Young William is only 20. As he approaches middle age, expecting to continue being treated as Boy Wonder (like his dad), it is my dearest hope that the world — by then mostly populated by people with not-white skin — will only point and laugh at the Paul Family’s pretended rugged individuality and blatant antipathy for not-white people.

      • Ladynurse97

        Stop drinking the Kool-Aid, beulahmo…the days of crying ‘racism’ are over. There are no ‘blacks only’ drinking fountains or ‘whites only’ restaurants. We’re all in this together. We work together, play together, laugh and cry together, live and die together…we’re marrying everybody–black, white, asian, indian–having beautiful mixed kids all over the place…we’re electing black leaders, watching black actors, and being operated on by black doctors. There is no racism anymore–only the lack of white guilt. Todays blacks were never slaves, and todays whites were never slave owners. Every other nation in the world has slavery in their history, and they’ve been able to heal and move forward because the black people in those countries don’t feel ‘entitled’ to undeserved guilt and unearned respect.
        Give it up, beaulah…it’s an old, over-used, tired card that doesn’t work anymore.

        • beulahmo

          I don’t have a problem, Ladynurse. If you wanna go around insisting racism is over and whining that black people in our country “feel entitled to undeserved guilt and unearned respect,” I won’t stop you. Please proceed, dear, and good luck with that.

          • Ladynurse97

            Oh, I just assumed you had an issue with color, what with all the references to ‘not-white’ people and skin. If you wanna go around insisting that you’re not playing the race card and that ‘not-white’ people get offended by pretty much everything that comes out of a ‘not-black’ person, I won’t stop you. Please continue, dear, and may you have continued success with that. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, eh?

          • Axomamma

            I’ve read a lot of your comments in this thread and I have to say, if Fox News isn’t paying you, they should be. Also, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. You’ve got their talking points down pat.

        • nathkatun7

          “we’re electing black leaders,”

          And then trashing them at each turn and challenging their legitimacy!

          Sorry but if you think racism has been abolished, because there are no more “white” and “colored” drinking fountains, you are in total delusion. For your information, “beautiful mixed children” have always been produced from throughout the history of this country ( and throughout the history of the world, for that matter), but did not prevent racism in the past. And no, it’s not true that every nation has had slavery! But even more importantly not all nations have had slavery based on race!

          Being white and anti-racism does not require you to be guilty. All it requires of you is to face both history and current reality honestly instead of being in denial.

          • Ladynurse97

            Where did I ‘trash them at each turn?’ Just because I don’t agree with Obama’s policies doesn’t mean I’m a racist. I admire Lt Col Allen Wests politics, and he’s ‘not white,’ so does that mean I’m not a racist? I have the utmost respect for some of the greatest ‘not white’ thinkers of our time. I dis-avow the drug laws that imprison far more ‘not whites’ than ‘not blacks.’
            If you think you are experiencing racism now, then you are demeaning everything that great ‘not white’ civil rights leaders fought for in our history. I know that there have been mixed babies since the beginning of time, but they were not accepted, celebrated, loved, and revered by everyone as they are now. Most were killed, the rest were shunned by their families. THAT’S racism. You can’t call racism everytime someone disagrees with the president.
            And you are correct, I was wrong to say that ‘every other nation in the world has slavery in their history.’ What I should’ve said was ‘many’ other nations in the world have slavery in their history. Which is the truth. But if you don’t admit that it was economic-based slavery with our country, just as it was for many others, than you’re not getting your facts straight, either. With regard to the ‘not white’ African slaves (which is where ‘not black’ America got them from), they were kidnapped by ‘not white’ pirates and ‘not white’ slave traders and sold to many different ‘not black’ nations. Those ‘not white’ pirates and ‘not white’ slave traders were African. They sold their victims for money and goods (aka economic gain), and upon arrival, they were used for labor (aka economic gain). So I don’t know where, why, or how it became about color, but that’s the agenda, and you all are promoting it right nicely. Bravo.
            Do some reasearch for yourself. Don’t trust what any politician or party-line-towing author writes down, do it yourself. You can’t solve a problem that doesn’t really exist, and most of America knows that racism is over. I’m not saying that everybody loves everybody; that’s never going to happen. But there are so few people that hate others based solely on skin color that they’re not even worth talking about. The only reason we even hear about them is because it feeds the fire, and as long as we’re fighting with each other, they can keep starting wars. See, everybody gets to fight…it’s win-win.

          • nathkatun7

            ” I admire Lt Col Allen Wests politics, and he’s ‘not white,”

            Look, slave owners loved slaves who betrayed their fellow slaves and even rewarded them by setting them free! So do you want me to give praise to to those slave owners who loved black slaves who protected the master’s interests? Sorry, but Allen West would sell his momma just to be embraced by right wingers who have showed complete utter disrespect for the first African American President. You can pretend all you want, but people who go to the white House to fly Confederate flags and listen to speakers who don’t think that President Obama, elected twice by the majority of American people, is legitimate are racists! You know it, and I know it.

            Second you are absolutely wrong when yo say this:
            “I know that there have been mixed babies since the beginning of time, but they were not accepted, celebrated, loved, and revered by everyone as they are now. Most were killed, the rest were shunned by their families. THAT’S racism.”

            Throughout the Americas, people of mixed race sometimes occupied a higher social status. As a matter of law and practice mixed races in French colonies in the Americas enjoyed a much higher status than pure Africans. I suppose you are not aware of people like Alexander Dumas, the author of the “Count of Monte Cristo” and other works of art who was revered in France. He was a mixed race. The same was the case in the United States as mulattoes formed the highest number of “Free Blacks.” In Apartheid South Africa, where race was the measure of everything, the mixed race people, called “Colored” again occupied a higher status than pure Africans. This perfectly understandable where you construct a society based on the ideology of white supremacy! It’s that white supremacist ideology that would, for example, make it o.k. for a member of Congress to stand during the state of the Union and point his finger at the President and call him a liar!

            So, It seems to me that it’s you who badly needs to do some serious studying on the issue of race before you make blanket generalizations that are based on mythology rather than historical facts

          • Ladynurse97

            Oh my word…you’re not really serious, are you?
            Three NEW wars, trying to start a 4th war, in the midst of the bounce back between the worst recession in history and the upcoming worst depression in recent history, unemployment at an all time high, taxes at an all time high, and Obamacare looming over us, and SEVENTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT, and you don’t think our country is worse off now than before Obama??
            Wow. I can’t even look at you right now.
            And you have the audacity to compare Americas racist history of the past several decades to Romes Cleopatra from 69BC? Wow. You really dig deep in your failed attempts to justify your point. Try to stick with this era, bub. I’m not trying to learn every lesson ever learned by anyone in the history of humankind–I’m trying to discuss the politics of today that are stealing our childrens futures. Racism is one of them, and as long as you keep stoking the fires with your insistence that the ‘not blacks’ of today must pay, we will never get rid of it. So stop it. I’m not denying a shameful past, I’m trying to learn from it and MOVE THE F ON.
            Anyway, I’m real proud of your liberal arts degree in literature, or ancient mixed babies that became leaders, or whatever your major was, supposing you have a degree. I have a feeling you’re going to continue throwing irrelevant and outdated information and foreign factoids at me until I’m dead, but I’m going to bed soon, so if you have a valid point, puh-leeeeeze make it. Quickly. Chop-chop.

          • nathkatun7

            I’ve learned my lesson! It’s no use trying to engage “true believers.” You start out by asserting that slavery was universal, people of mixed race have been, from time immemorial persecuted and ostracized, and no one ever rose to power or was universally admired, (I suppose until the appearance your brilliant Lt. Colonel Allan West, who is universally admired), and then quickly claim that they are not interested in “irrelevant and outdated information and foreign factoids.” So why the hell did you start out by invoking history?

            This is my last response to you, but I just couldn’t resist asking this question? Did Obama Care create the “SEVENTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT”? Do you even know that continuing with the status quo in health care will make our long term debt worse? If you don’t believe me check out the data from the non-patisan CBO which clearly projects that Obama care will reduce rather than increase our long term debt.

            Just remember, the gospel according to Rand Paul and the tea baggers is all based on faith and not empirical reality. And, if you are truly a nurse you ought to value honest factual information instead on relying on manufactured outrages promoted by people with personal agendas.

          • Ladynurse97

            I referred to OUR nations history, one that is appropriate for the conversation that I participated in. YOU are referring to ancient (69 years BEFORE CHRIST) in your replies. So exactly WHICH HISTORY LESSONS would YOU say are relevant to this conversation?
            You can justify walking away from the discussion by putting words in my mouth all you want. (I didn’t say slavery was universal, I said it happened in every country on the planet–which I quickly corrected–not every planet in the universe. I also didn’t say that people of mixed race have been, from time immemorial persecuted and ostracized. I said mixed babies have been killed and shunned IN OUR HISTORY, not since ‘time immemorial.’ The other thing about rising to power with universal admiration was a complete fabrication on your part–I never said or implied that in anything I’ve written here or elsewhere. That was ALL YOU).
            I also didn’t imply that we were debt free until Obama went on a $17T spending spree, that’s ALL YOU, too. But there is no denying–well, you’ll probably still try–that Obama has wracked up more debt in his time as POTUS than all the other presidents combined. You can try to twist that six ways from Sunday, but facts are facts–at least, with people that aren’t neck deep in Obama-butt.
            Lastly, yeah, the CBO did it’s level best to make it look like Obamacare will ‘reduce rather than increase our long term debt.’ Yeah, in 6-10 years, it will decrease it by about $49B. Let’s not look at the $137B it’s going to cost us annually in the first 5 yrs…that’s just an inconvenient truth you don’t care to talk about. We’ll just sweep that back under the rug where it belongs.
            Enjoy that shiny plastic insurance card and the heavy taxes and fines that go along with it. Hope that piece of plastic takes great care of you! I AM a nurse, and just because you have a health insurance card doesn’t mean there will be enough of us to take on the new patient load. But at least you’ll have time to read the 2,000 page bill…while you sit in the waiting room. :)

          • nathkatun7

            “But there is no denying–well, you’ll probably still try–that Obama has wracked up more debt in his time as POTUS than all the other presidents combined.”

            This is a bold-faced lie! I repeat: “This Is a bold faced Lie!”

            The two Presidents who set the record in wracking up more debt were your SAINT Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush! I dare you to check out the records!

          • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

            “oh my word”, you are living in an alternate universe.

          • Ladynurse97

            lol…after reading some of these comments, I can honestly say I wish I was.

        • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

          Congrats, Madam.

          You are hereby awarded the hat for Most Obnoxious Insufferable Ignorant Clown Working for the Right Fucking Criminal Wing EVER.

          What a silly fool .

          • Ladynurse97

            I don’t deserve this award any more than Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.
            But thanks anyway…you can give it back to mr.brink.