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Values Voters: Christie Isn’t One of Us


I know it’s early, but here’s one good example of why I believe Chris Christie’s eventual presidential bid will fizzle out like Rudy Giuliani. via TheHill

An aide confirmed to The Hill that Christie had not been invited to the summit, which brings together conservative activists and leaders from across the nation for a three-day powwow in Washington, D.C. [...]

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins told The Hill that Christie wasn’t invited because “we only invited conservatives that we work with.”

Chris Christie made the career-ending mistake of cooperating with the black president of the United States following a record-setting natural disaster. For this he has been banished.

Meanwhile Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, and Bobby Jindal are more the welcome to attend the Values Voters Summit and spread the values of intransigence and ignorance.

Furthermore, while I do not like Chris Christie for a variety of reasons, I don’t believe he’s the type of conservative who would shut the government down or default on our debt. And the events of the last several weeks could very well be a litmus test during the 2016 Republican primary.

Did you participate in the Great GOP Government Shutdown of 2013? No? Get lost.

Did you cooperate with the president and prevent the country from defaulting? Yes? You’re dead to us.

The party is not going to moderate in time for 2016. It may not moderate in time for 2020. It’s going to have to burn itself out, and this oil well is very deep.

For a complete rundown of who will attend the freakshow, RightWingWatch has you covered.

  • bbcaaat

    Christie will use this exclusion as a selling point if he runs. I hope the republican party splits into conservatives, and neo-confederates.

  • mrbrink

    Great discussion piece. But the weird thing is, they didn’t want Romney, and he still won the nomination. They’ll all come home for Christie because that’s what they do in the end. Democrats don’t always do this. We’ll pout and stay home, depressed, or try to be decent and forthcoming with our support for our fellow countrymen, especially if they happen to be right wing nut jobs you’d want to have a beer with. The GOP is currently getting away with treason for the umpteenth time, normalizing treasonous acts. It’s never a level playing field in any sense. Bizarro world affirmative action for a political party made up almost entirely of stupid white people who complain about minorities getting an advantage, and many of them being downright vile and cruel… and those are just the ones in leadership positions.

    This is the norm since Nixon went behind LBJ’s back in Vietnam(” Nixon’s Treason “) and Reagan cutting deals for hostages in Iran to undercut Jimmy Carter in 1979– to Gingrich in the 90’s shutting it down while they spent tens of millions of dollars to impeach Bill Clinton. From the Supreme Court appointment of Bush in 2000– to this very minute, where Eric Cantor is probably short-selling his stock in America. They seek to win at all costs. It’s always a Holy crusade of bigoted principles ordained by voices in the night. The means always justify their victorious destiny. But it’s this mushy-middle sense of go-along-to-get-along that gave us Reagan, and Reagan Democrats, and the reason Bush had the sway and benefit-of-the-doubt political capital to invade Iraq after exploiting 9/11 and Terrorism ad fucking nauseam. The country rallied around his imbecilic rubble pile speech and he strutted his 90% approval.

    And after all that– the lies, the smirking torture apologists, the collapsed financial sector, trillions in debt, millions dead and displaced from war— 60 million delusional narcissists and nut jobs voted for McCain/Palin and Romney/Ryan and all through it the GOP Tea Party/Limbaugh base complained that they were never “conservative” enough. They treat their lunacy as the starting point for negotiating and expect people watching the news to believe them when they say they’ve already compromised too much to open the U.S. government and not crash the global economy.

    I think there’s just enough moderates and dick-headed Independents who get off on trying to impress their unforgiving idiot peers with their face-meet-door eagerness to vote for a Republican in exchange for some meaningless street cred and kumbaya appearances that always end with the GOP smashing the guitar over their heads and spitting in their face– with smiles. Political submissives.

    Republicans are sapping the country’s will to live. Like people who went out on a date and got rejected and are now trying to ruin your life until you marry them. The flak and propaganda is relentless. It’s a constant bombardment of the senses that is always leading to the intellectually-violent commandeering of the country. America is being drowned in the bathtub as we all watch, powerless to stop it. Eric Cantor calmly stands outside the door where it’s all going down and advises you to walk away from the thrashing and screaming. History shows that this is what they do best. There’s a paper trail of evidence to support it that the layperson has been slow to realize. They exploit weaknesses, and vulnerabilities, manipulating people and institutions, altering perceptions, gaining sympathy, and then resorting to open acts of treason to get their way. It’s broke because they are a demolition crew sent here by billionaires and religious wackos to break it.

    But Chris Christie is a walking talking comedy roast. His trick is to appear humble and feign empathy, which is why he is frequently self-deprecating while making the television rounds. The Jackie Gleason of American politics who is more “Bang-zoom!” than “Baby, you’re the greatest.” As a Republican from the North, he brings Northern sympathies to the Southern cause. The GOP base is all about making compromises. They wanted someone who would appoint Ted Cruz to the courts, and Christie will only give them Rand Paul. They’ll sigh, and accept it and call it a compromise.

    • JMAshby

      For the most part I agree with you, and this is more or less how it has always been. I’m just skeptical that it will continue to be this way. I think the case of Romney actually decreases the chance it will happen again in 3 years.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Chris Christie made the career-ending mistake of cooperating with the
    black president of the United States following a record-setting natural
    disaster. For this he has been banished.

    Worse, when he appeared on Fox and Fools, he refused to follow the script and instead, actually said nice things about the Kenyan Usurper. The only surprise for me is that the teabaggers haven’t burned him in effigy yet.

  • Christopher Foxx

    The party is not going to moderate in time for 2016. It may not moderate in time for 2020. It’s going to have to burn itself out, and this oil well is very deep.

    That’s what worries me.

  • Zen Diesel

    The God Warrior Party will not give up until they have molded this country into the Kingdom that Baby Jeebus has prophetized.

    • bbcaaat

      As they curse Sharia law and fail to realize that they want the exact same thing.

  • trgahan

    “The party is not going to moderate in time for 2016.”

    And it is a zero sum game that repulses more voters than it attracts. Just look how much gerrymandering and voter suppression they have to do just to keep their people in office.

    In my opinion, this is why we experienced the Snowden/Greenwald/faux-libertarian LIBERTY! 2013 Summer Tour. Not that it was a grand conspiracy, but why the actions of an over-privileged IT douche and a hack opportunist got so much resonance in the national media. The only national election strategy the GOP has right now is to divide the democratic vote (moderates verses emo-progs); pray the 2016 Democratic Candidate is a lame duck; and win it in a 2000-esque manner.

    • IrishGrrrl

      This will continue to be the only thing in their playbook so long as their base continues to shrink.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    The GOP is not going anywhere as long as people keep buying — literally and figuratively — this improv act they’re performing.

  • drspittle

    It’s amazing to me how low my bar has become regarding the Rethuglicans. As long as they’re not foaming at the mouth or sending racist emails, my response is, “At least he/she is not bat crap crazy”.