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Worst Person in the World

Here’s the latest nonsense from that “Unskewed Polls” guy:

The conservative activist who gained fame during the 2012 election for “unskewing” polls favorable to Barack Obama explained this weekend his newest revelation: the president is “actually” gay.

Dean Chambers, founder of wrote in the Examiner that Newsweek got it wrong when it ran a cover praising Obama for his evolution on gay marriage last year. Obama was not “basically” the nation’s first gay president for his progressive stance on the issue, but actually so.

“I do believe that Barack Obama is in fact our first gay president,” he wrote. “But I believe this for entirely different reasons. I believe the man actually is gay. Don’t tell me his marriage to Michelle and having two children disproves that he’s gay.”

In the article, Chambers cites various conspiracy theories claiming to show Barack Obama’s closeted life in Chicago as a state senator.

Um. Even if the president is gay, so what? Oh right. Chambers is a raging homophobe and a crackpot.

(ht Defense Attorney Thomas Soldan)
  • D_C_Wilson

    Just another in a long list of attempts to portray Obama as “the other”, ie, not a white Christian alpah male like all “real” presidents.

  • The Panic Man

    Image related.

  • theronware

    Talk about self projection! How perverse!

  • Robert Scalzi

    We have already had a gay president – James Buchanon – and who cares what the unskewed jaggoff has to say anyhoo

    • D_C_Wilson

      Yeah, but Buchanon was over 160 years ago. You can’t expect a doofus like to Chambers to know history.

  • Badgerite

    Surprise me.

  • i_a_c

    This is not new. Some nutjob named Larry Sinclair claimed that he had sex with Obama and smoked crack cocaine with him. World Nut Daily is still spreading rumors that the president is actually gay. This is just the latest iteration of the same shit.

  • js hooper

    There sure are a lot of white men who are OBSESSED with the sexuality of the handsome black President….

    • nicole

      They’re grasping at straws. As per usual.

    • D_C_Wilson

      There are a lot of good “Christian” men who are obsessed with teh ghey sechs in general.

  • red_pills

    I got ten bucks right here sez Chambers is himself closeted.

    • Craig Moffitt

      It has been awhile since an anti-gay gay republican of some prominence has been outed when they got caught trolling the local bar scene, toe tapping or whatever. One thing you can sure of, Vlad Putin was probably surprised by the nature of some of the fan mail he received from these people a few weeks ago.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      I see you ten and raise you twenty that Chambers has photos of the president on his basement walls and masturbates to them fantasizing about being his bottom slave.