Government Shutdown Worst Persons

Worst Person in the World

Watch Representative Randy Neugebauer (R-MotherFucker) scold a park ranger for the government shutdown that Randy Neugebauer had a hand in precipitating.

Neugebauer: How do you look at them and deny them access?

Ranger: It’s difficult.

Neugebauer: Well, it should be difficult.

Ranger: It is difficult. I’m sorry, sir.

Neugebauer: The Park Service should be ashamed of themselves.

Ranger: I’m not ashamed.

Neugebauer: You should be.

Randy Neugebauer and his colleagues created this shutdown, and the Park Service should be ashamed? Fuck you.

On the bright side, Randy’s attempt to scold a park ranger for the camera was interrupted by another man who wasn’t going to take any of his shit. The unidentified man told Neugebauer the park ranger was just “doing her job, just like me.”

After Neugebauer tried to blame the government shutdown on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the man interjected and said no, it’s “because the government won’t do its job and pass a budget.” Neugebauer then walked way, because he’s a coward.

  • mdblanche

    A more positive update:

    "I’m proud of you," VP called to tell the Park Ranger who was chastised by a GOP Rep today at the WWII Memorial.— Office of VP Biden (@VP) October 3, 2013

  • muselet

    The flag stuck in Randy Neugebauer’s coat pocket was a particularly nice touch. Nothing says All-American like being a bully.


  • Victor_the_Crab

    Bad news for this cowardly cunt. Everyone will know what he looks like and what he does for a living because of the video. People should get in his face and confront him with his bullshit antics every waking moment. Randy Neugebauer doesn’t deserve a moment’s peace.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Won’t make a difference. I’m sure his district is so completely gerrymandered that he could have punched a baby and then kicked a disabled WW II veteran in the face on live TV and still win re-election. That’s all this sociopaths care about.

      • Victor_the_Crab

        Yeah, I know he wouldn’t get touched in his own district. I was thinking more along the lines of when he’s in Washington D.C. where this all took place.

  • LTanya Spearman

    This douche bag got some nerve , he voted to shutdown government — which close the park.. If this douche bag feel so bad take his sorry _____, back to capitol hill and pass the Senate CR Bill…
    But he tried to blame somebody else for what he done.. And Brain Dead media won’t correct the lied — they’re playing the same game and they lying and they know it…
    Title: *Network News* — Youtube

  • Jason E

    What amazes me is that he thought it a good idea to go this memorial in the first place. I mean its a beautiful warm fall day here in the nation’s Capitol; but it is a Thursday afternoon. Shouldn’t he be at “work”? Earning his federal pay check.

    • Ned F

      I think this is an example of the consequences of gerrymandered districts and the closed echo chamber. To Kuegbagger , everyone agrees with him, (especially the military of course), and to show up here to support the vets and beleaguer the help is a perfectly sensible political opportunity. A lot of them have no idea the rest of the country does not follow the same ideology. You can hear him at the end saying something like, “let’s go find another spot.”

  • Mike_Norris

    Have a heart attack…cocksucker.

  • Zen Diesel

    A good analogy would be if I broke into the Apple Store, stole a MacBook Air laptop. Get home to only find it defective then go back to the same store and complain that they won’t fix the laptop that I just stole from them and get mad when they accuse me of stealing the laptop.

  • Robert Scalzi

    I am sure this coward would have kept his damned trap shut had the Ranger been a 6’4″ bearded dude, what a fucking coward, and a misogynist to boot

  • roxsteady1

    What a dick! And, side note here. While I’m glad that man came to the Ranger’s rescue, his ascertion that government is closed because Congress won’t pass a budget was dead wrong. Sadly, many people don’t have a clue about what’s going on and while most aren’t political junkies, like me, I’d appreciate it if, when something like a government shutdown happens, that they would seek out the facts. He should have informed the congressman that if he hadn’t voted to shutdown the government with the rest of the asshats in the Republican party, it wouldn’t be closed. It’s part of the reason the idiots who get elected, get elected!

    • JMAshby

      He’s not wrong. The Senate passed a budget for Fiscal 2014 all the way back in April of this year, and House Republicans have rejected a budget conference 19 times since then, including one time this week (yesterday).

      The reason the government is shutdown is because fiscal 2014 has not been finalized. A continuing resolution would reopen government at fiscal 2013 levels.

      With that said, the man could be more specific, but the heart of the matter is we don’t have a budget.

  • D_C_Wilson

    As I said on the Daily Banter site, it’s like there’s a contest among republicans in Congress to see who can be the biggest jaghoff in the world.

  • feloniousgrammar

    What does this petty little histrionic excuse for an adult know about government workers doing their jobs?

    • nicole

      Not one damn fucking thing.

      I cannot wait for 2014.