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Worst Persons in the World

So yeah, if you stack a bunch on barricades against the White House fence, the police will take notice and protect the fence. So what kind of treatment do the police get from the gaggle of tea party screechers for merely protecting the White House? Watch:

The intention wasn’t to break up the protest, it was to make sure no one scaled the fence. Duh. For that, the police are called “brown shirts” and something “from Kenya” whatever that means.

  • willpen

    This is a perfect example of a crosscut of America who lives in a bubble and has been lied to and deceived so much and manipulated to the point where there is absolutely no sense to anything that they say or believe anymore. It’s like projectile vomiting. Horrible things just spewing out of their mouths that come from their foul and hateful insides. It’s their bitterness and ignorance that comes through in this shit pile of ridiculous comments and non-sequitars, with absolutely no grounding in reality.

    We are experiencing a turning point in this experiment in democracy. I just don’t quite know yet how it will turn out and I am frankly scared shit.

    • feloniousgrammar

      Me too.

  • Axomamma

    BUT THEY’RE WEARING RIOT GEAR!!!11! If by “riot gear” you mean windbreakers and bike helmets, sure.

  • Ipecac

    And of course if these same people shouting “Brownshirts!” and “Something from Kenya!” (??) were watching legitimate protestors being confronted by police, they’d be cheering for the police to bust some hippie heads.

    • muselet

      That was my first thought on watching the video. My second was that the police were remarkably tolerant of people howling at them from only a foot or two away.


      • Ipecac

        One would hope that this experience (as tame as it actually was) might cause them in the future to see things from a different perspective and have some sympathy for people who protest real injustice.

        Of course it won’t.

  • i_a_c

    Wow, such tyranny! A bunch of police doing next to nothing!

    • Sabyen91

      “This is a peaceful protest!”

      What is he whining about? I don’t see the pepper spray peaceful protesters across the country last summer got. What a whiner. OMG, there are police within sight!

  • formerlywhatithink

    No, no, really, this has nothing to with race. Really. Morons.

  • theronware

    Brown shirts?! Looks like that crowd was self projecting!

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Every day on LGF, Charles Johnson asks, in some variation, “WTF is wrong with these people?”

    The answer is simple. They’re the heroes of their own private mythology; the stars of their own private melodrama. They have no idea what real courage is; they have no idea what real oppression is; they have no idea what real slavery, real tyranny, real heroism is. The realities of life as an average American in the 21st Century don’t really present opportunities for the kind of mythic heroism they assign to previous generations, from the Revolution to the Civil War to WWII.

    In other words, most people don’t need to be brave and courageous and heroic in order to simply live their lives in America today. The fact is that individuals are more free and more autonomous than they have ever been, but we don’t realize it because, frankly, we don’t know what to do with that freedom and autonomy. Being free and autonomous doesn’t make you feel heroic; it makes you feel bored and insignificant. So we romanticize and mythologize little things that bother us in the abstract, minor annoyances and inconveniences, into existential threats to Freedom™ and Liberty™ and Everything We Hold Most Dear™. That way, we can make ourselves out to be the heroes that deep down we know we’re not, can never and will never be.

    “This is a peaceful protest!” A “protest” of what? “Government spending?” Please; no one would have any clue what the “government” “spends” if no one ever told them about it on TV or on the radio. “We’re tired of the spending!” Really? How can you be “tired of” something you can’t see, hear or feel? That doesn’t affect you directly in any tangible, perceptible way? That you wouldn’t even know about if some jagoff on the radio wasn’t telling you to get all freaked out about it, now that the POTUS is a black Democrat?

    “Obamacare?” Really? You’re “protesting” the idea of making health care accessible to people who couldn’t access it before? You’re “protesting” the idea that insurers can’t screw people over anymore? You’re “protesting” that doing this might cost money? What? What is this “protest” about?

    Matt Taibbi nailed it three years ago: These people are maddeningly, infuriatingly, depressingly full of shit. But it’s this addiction to melodrama, this overweening desire to paint themselves as heroic martyrs to imaginary “tyranny” and “slavery” that infuriates and depresses me the most. I’ll say it again: they have absolutely no idea what real tyranny, slavery and oppression are like. None whatsoever. They’ve done nothing but elevate themselves in their own minds to hero status based on their “brave” and “courageous” “protests” against absolutely nothing.

    These people will be the ruin of us all.

    • IrishGrrrl

      Excellent comment, very insightful.

      they have absolutely no idea what real tyranny, slavery and oppression are like

      Yes! I’ve noticed that myself, which always leads me to ask them questions like…… Ever been to a beach in the U.S. and seen U.S. Army troops patrolling with automatic weapons? No, but it has happened (may still be happening) in Mexico. Ever been to a major city and see the police round up homeless orphans like cattle who they then beat, shoot and kill? No, but it has happened in Rio de Janeiro. Ever run out of food and go to the store only to find there’s nothing on the shelves because a political leader has taken all the food and booze for a party at his palatial estate? No, but it happens every day in North Korea. Ever post something critical of the government and get kidnapped, beaten and imprisoned for it? No, but it happens every day in China. Of course, this list could be very, very long. But no matter how many of these very real examples one shares with them, it will not make a dint in their paracosm. They actually believe in their heart of hearts that having to pay a little more in taxes is the same as the very real and horrific suffering of hundreds of millions of people around the globe. That loss of perspective is staggering.

      I know that narcissism seems to be a popular term lately but I think it might be at the core of these delusions….do you think that is playing a role in their mythologizing? Has this country created entire generations of self-centered, careless and self-aggrandizing assholes? Is this an unintended consequence of our “great experiment”? Maybe you’re right but I surely hope not. One thing we can definitely agree upon, these people WILL be the ruin of us all.

      • feloniousgrammar

        The Winning Progressive has an interesting take on this from Corey Robin’s book The Reactionary Mind: Conservatives from Edward Burke to Sarah Palin and Thomas Frank’s book What’s the Matter with Kansas?

        Rusty doesn’t vote Republican to protect the Koch or Walton families’ wealth. He votes Republican because they promise to make him lord of the manor once again, to return Rusty’s personal experience of knowing he rightfully stood ahead of women and people of color … in his own home and at his own job.

        That is a powerful emotional appeal, and progressives dismiss it at our peril.

        It’s undeniable that the Republicans are doing their best to make women and minorities second-class citizens legally. They want their perceived superiority and their perceived Christian majority to be enshrined in law. They are very angry that they are expected to play on the level playing field that they say the free market is. Having to face how incompetent and unworthy of rule they are is making them crazy— they’re suffering a narcissistic wound that threatens their identity.

    • Nefercat

      “I’ll say it again: they have absolutely no idea what real tyranny, slavery and oppression are like. None whatsoever.”
      This is so perfect. I’ve said the same thing, but not nearly as eloquently. We have people prancing around in vinyl tricorn hats with their polyester britches and fake leather buckled shoes, whining about liberty and tyranny.

      They are inexcusably and narcissistically uncaring of the fact that people around the world today (let alone the founders themselves) put their lives on the line daily, they bleed and are tortured and are killed, just to vote, or because they want drinking water, or they don’t want to see any more of their children blown to bits in front of them.

      They haven’t the slightest idea what it means to live under tyranny or to lose their liberty. They are spoiled, whining, useless brats, and yes, they may be the ruin of us all. This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a tantrum?

  • LTanya Spearman

    The DC police arrest members of congress for marching in protest of immigration reform.
    These racist ass should have been throw in jail…

  • exoevolution

    What empire always becomes. What America has become. What madness has saturated our land. The dystopian future has arrived!

    Wall Street unholy greed causes the violence of low wages, no health care, joblessness, climate change, the raping and pillaging of air, land and sea, creating only profit, not prosperity.

    Pentagon perpetual wars cause untold violence by torturing, maiming and killing, through trillion$ spent on bullets, bombs, weapons systems that cause suffering and rivers of blood.

    Is it any surprise that America’s “national pastime” would be anything other than the brutal, brain rattling, barbaric, bombastic, multi-billion dollar game of football? A “sport” that so effectively marries the unquenchable insatiable greed of Wall Street with the shatteringly violent warring nature of the Pentagon.

    My country tis of thee, violent land of greed I see, from a blood drenched nation, we the people crave, our bangs and bombs, pain upon pain, across the country, violence calls out, we the people are obese and addicted, ever in need of more mind numbing jolts, allowing our media to be polluted, allowing our government to be stolen, allowing our planet to be killed, such is America, so many sleeping citizens, only looking for the big hit, only feeling with ever more violence, America sad land of insanity, of thee I pray, that someday you may awake, from this mindlessness, from this greed and violence that is eating us alive.

    • feloniousgrammar

      That was dramatic.

      • fojap

        You made me laugh.

    • formerlywhatithink

      And the Oscar for the most overwrought, hyper dramatic comment goes to….


      • exoevolution

        I would like to thank all the people that are awaking to the madness of “greed and violence” without end, the millions upon millions that are saying loud and clear – ENOUGH! Thanks to the academy of “peace & love”!

        • IrishGrrrl

          Somebody needs a valium.

          • exoevolution

            Only people locked into “greed & violence” need a valium.

          • IrishGrrrl

            Thank you for proving my point. I hear that padding on the walls really cuts down the noise from outside so maybe all those violent, greedy people won’t disturb you from finishing the 1,000 piece kitten puzzle that they let you check out of the rec room.

          • exoevolution

            And why does choosing “peace & love” over “greed & violence” put me in a padded room? Are not the people sanctioning “greed & violence” the ones that are truly insane. I guess, according to your logic, then Christ, Buddha, Gandhi & King would all be put in the padded room as well. Well, I would be honored to have their esteemed company. With their help finishing the “kitten puzzle” should be a breeze!

          • Sabyen91

            Jesus loved a well-timed play-action pass.

          • Sabyen91

            Edit: Ugh, thanks Disqus.

          • Kevin Hampton

            Are you single?

          • Kevin Hampton

            Never mind. Found your Twitter handle. Following you on Teh Twitters is about as much commitment as I’m good for, anyway.

    • Christopher Foxx

      Yes, there are serious problems. Yes, one is the widening gap between rich and poor and the Wall Street greed with impunity that adds it it. And, yes, another is the willingness in recent years to use military force where it wasn’t necessary or appropriate. And, yes, yet another is the degradation of respect for law by an administration that promoted torture to individual citizens with no interest in lawful rule when they don’t care for the law passed. And yes, there are others.

      But police doing their jobs professionally and properly is not one of them.

      • exoevolution

        I made no mention of police.

        • Christopher Foxx

          You commented in response to a video of the police and the crowd’s reaction to them. Why?

          Was it something about the police and that mob reaction to them? In which case your not actually mentioning the police by name is irrelevant?

          Or were you just itching to post a woe-is-us ramble? In which case why should we pay any attention to a non sequitur dim-witted blather?

    • i_a_c

      Downvoted for trashing football. Now get out.

      • exoevolution

        I trashed the “greed and violence” that football represents. It is now becoming apparent through scientific inquiry that football causes severe brain damage, see recent PBS Frontline show. How can you enjoy watching a “game” that perpetuates violence and causes brain damage? Someday football as we currently know it, will be no more and our collective human psyches will all be for the better. Football is a microcosm of American Empire – both are bad for the health and well being of human consciousness.

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    • mrbrink

      That was hilariously depressing.

  • feloniousgrammar

    Blue is the new brown. Screaming is the new peaceful. These people have no sense of proportion.

    • IrishGrrrl

      Remember shouting liberals are terrorists while shouting Tea Party members are patriots and “freedom fighters”. IOKIYAR

  • zirgar

    Well, this is to be expected, as it is common for any mindless, untamed beast to bellow, buck and prick against those it feels is a threat, even if that percieved threat is only trying to keep the thrashing beast from harming itself in its own blind paroxysms.