Government Shutdown Poll

You’re Doing Great

The first week of Obamacare was rocky as millions of people jammed healthcare exchange websites, and this was accompanied by Ted Cruz’s 21 hour fake-filibuster and the GOP Government Shutdown.

Regardless, public approval of Obamacare has actually gone up since the Republicans decided to begin executing the hostages.

A new NBC-Wall Street Journal poll finds that 38 percent of Americans say Obamacare is a good idea, which represents a 7-point jump from last month. It’s the third-highest popularity rating for Obamacare — which typically doesn’t poll well as a whole, even though Americans tend to support its individual provisions — since the health law was first enacted.

The poll also finds that 50 percent of voters don’t want to eliminate funding for the health reform law, and the vast majority are opposed to tying Obamacare to the ongoing negotiations over the government shutdown.

The Republican party’s approval rating is in the toilet, President Obama’s approval rating is up, and Obamacare’s approval rating is up.

It’s not clear yet how this is all going to end, but it does seem clear that this has been a disaster for Republicans. And it’s unlikely that their poll numbers will improve before it ends. They may even get worse.


  • Badgerite

    I cannot even contain my anger. It isn’t just this one piece of legislation that the GOP is intent on destroying. These liars who portrayed themselves to the gullible as DEFENDERS of Social Security and Medicare are truly out to gut those programs. That is what the Ryan ‘budget’ is all about and all of a sudden that is what the GOP is talking about as requiring in exchange for letting the country live. I could have told the public in 2010, you are making a big mistake. These people are about getting and keeping power so as to force unpopular and unwise policies on the public. At their core, they are profoundly undemocratic in attitude. If representative government doesn’t agree with them, then they do not believe in representative government.

  • trgahan

    My guess is, like Social Security, Medicare, or (insert any
    social safety net program), Obamacare will never be poll particularly “popular”
    because Republicans will never allow it to be discussed in a positive way. If so,
    pundits and FOX will attack the discussion as more “liberal media bias.”

    Like most of other social safety net programs, it will help tens
    of millions directly and 100’s of millions indirectly and NO ONE will turn it
    down when they need it. I am sure by 2016 town halls someone will shout “keep
    your government hands off my health care exchange!”

  • feloniousgrammar

    Thirty-eight percent is low. I’d like to see how it’s polling for the uninsured and previously inuninsurable. And in states that are creating exchanges vs. those that haven’t.

    I’m also wondering, in light of the early problems, if the period for signing up can be extended by the numbers of weeks it took to fix the system. This seems to me like once it’s running smoothly, word of mouth is going to make a lot of sales. People who just assumed that they’re better off with the insurance they have might find out otherwise, and seeing people they know benefiting and being happy about it might make a lot of doubting Thomas’s believe.

    If it weren’t for the sequestration and shut-down, our economy would probably start picking up to the degree that people could start thinking of finding better jobs, which would highlight another beauty of the exchanges.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Just think, in 15 years, this will be considered a great victory for republicans as Fox cheers for them to do it all over again.

  • Bob Rutledge

    accompanied by Ted Cruz’s 21 hour fake-filibuster

    I hereby propose a Constitutional Amendment stating:

    Henceforth and for forever more, all references to the aforementioned event shall be stated thusly:

    “The Fauxlibuster”

    And, furthermore, the perpetrator of said event shall be known as Ted “Fauxlibuster” Cruz.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Call it the Foxibuster, since it was done solely to curry favor with Fox and its audience.