Bob and Chez Show

Bob & Chez Show Special Report: Roseanne-Gate!


In a special 20 minute bonus podcast, Bob, Chez and The Daily Banter’s Founding Editor Ben Cohen discuss today’s internet battle between Banter, Roseanne Barr and conspiracy theorist Wayne Madsen.

Download the MP3 (NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

Read Chez’s recap of the fracas, with links, here.

Bubble Genius

  • JackDaniel07

    I just have to say, the weed-bashing is getting so incredibly tiresome. I get it, Chez thinks its a kiddie-high compared to his grandiose conquests in the drug world, and Bob, well something tells me that Bob has never inhaled. The fact of the matter is that public opinion is moving hard in favor of legalization – its not some fringe Rosanne Barr issue. The asshole in question on the podcast calls Chez a “drugee”, which obviously offends you both, so you then take it and apply it to anyone and everyone using medical marijuana. Or is it just those using medical marijuana for reasons you don’t deem suitable?
    I’ve been reading/listening as long as anyone I dare say, but man oh man, give it a rest please.Or learn about it, and discuss it fairly. I like weed and I’m a good person, pass it on.

  • IrishGrrrl

    Perfect ending!

  • 1933john

    Boy, are you guys fucked up, you make too much sense!

  • muselet

    Bob, your fart joke was funnier than anything Roseanne Barr has done since she stopped doing standup (and possibly before).

    Hey, you can’t beat the classics.


  • Clancy

    Is this bonus podcast going to be available through iTunes? I’d love to be able to listen to it whilst out walking the dog. . .