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Dick Morris Writes Dumbest Column You’ll Read All Week


The good news is we can all live with the comfort of knowing that Obamacare is safe and sound now that legendary prognosicator Dick “Romney Landslide” Morris has pronounced it dead.


This column, which Dick Morris wrote for The Hill, can only be described as monumentally stupid.

Let’s get started.


Like an “old soldier,” which has only been fully implemented for less than two months and is showing signs of improvement, Obamacare may soon fade away. No one tell the more than 400,000 additional people now covered by Medicaid.

Speaking of which; if you count the number of people now covered by Medicaid under Obamacare, far more than 106,000 have signed up. That brings us to the next brain buster.


Both Medicaid and CHIP have been expanded under Obamacare. Obamacare accounts for some of the large numbers Morris cites.

Morris praises the “new expansion” and then says it’s hard to take Obamacare seriously within the same sentence.


The “death panels” have already failed even though they aren’t scheduled to meet until next year. And they may never meet because Medicare spending has already been drastically reduced.

Is the implication that this is a bad thing? I’m just as confused as Morris apparently is.

Here’s a hint: Obamacare is responsible for the sudden drop in spending.


The “Obamacare population” will remain small but the population of “needy people” will grow larger (huh?), and these “needy people” are already covered by risk pools (no they aren’t).

Soon all we’ll be left with is those silly consumer protections and, you know, who gives a shit about those?

Morris seems to be unaware that millions of people will soon be covered by Medicaid under Obamacare which explains why that was left off of his short list of things that will remain when this old soldier fades away.

Morris decries this as “Obama’s legacy” as if covering millions of people and preventing insurance companies from dropping you for having a preexisting condition is a bad legacy.

If Dick Morris says this is a bad legacy, it’s almost certainly a good one.

  • WhittakerWalt

    So good to hear from Mr. “Romney wins in a landslide” again!

  • nathkatun7

    This is what’s deeply disturbing about white privilege! No matter how utterly incompetent and deranged people like Dick Morris, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann are, the media still gives them a national platform to spew their their nonsense and then pass them on as legitimate commentaries.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Wasn’t he supposed to be selling refrigerators in Omaha or something by now?

  • annettek

    Isn’t this the guy that thought Palin was a great idea?

    • rachelmap

      I think that’s the other guy who’s always wrong.

      • villemar

        William Kristol?

        • rachelmap

          Yeah, that’s him.

  • Chris Boardman

    That’s really good news for Obamacare then! Since Dick Morris is the Oracle of all things that won’t happen!

  • muselet

    Dick Morris really needs to go far, far away and stop bothering people.


    • mdblanche

      Is Pluto far enough away?

      • muselet

        That’s in the same solar system, so he’d still be a little too close for my tastes.