Food LGBT Open Thread

GOP Jesus


Artist – Monte Wolverton

The Illinois House of Representatives passed marriage equality today by a margin of 61 to 54. Unfortunately the law will not take effect until June of 2014, but better late than never.

  • mrbrink

    I know it was a great night for Democrats all in all, but there’s just some things that are not better left unsaid.

    Oh, fuck you, New Jersey. Behold! you enabling darlings of bullying Brooks Brothers politics, you re-elected a bona fide fucking asshole tonight because you ignorant soft-bigoted fucks seem to think that you’re some sort of fine connoisseurs of leadership, not caring that you have no idea how human beings are supposed to interact because everything you learned about decorum came from a drunk and disorderly conduct charge on that rickety piece of shit boardwalk you call an economy, following right along and handing over your lunch money to misappropriating bigots and bullies of women and children. The Snookie people have spoken! Take a bow, Governor. Your admiration of your leadership and principles are humbling to people who must wake up every morning and fake punch their dog before watching the last episode of Sopranos for hidden clues and Running-Gump life path inspiration. Shaquille O’Neal endorses Christie. Fuck you, too, Shaq. You have no idea what the fuck you’re endorsing you size 23 meat head. It just feels like leadership because the guy walks around in the wreckage of disaster pretending he cares. Somewhere Rudy Giuliani is cashing royalty checks.

    “Christie Withdraws Challenge to Gay Marriage”– only after exhausting all options and state funds because as a thin-skinned crocodile tear-shedding bully and authoritarian he will see his bigotry through to the intellectually-violent end. For Hurricane Sandy, and principles, or some such weeping, star spangled 9/11: The Musical appeal to a constituency who must cry when they find out Springsteen is pro-union and pro-equality, but they just deny it, or treat him like a gay relative they’re still trying to accept. “We take care of our own.., but voted for a guy for governor who alienates our own and fucking kicks them to the curb because he’s a fucking asshole…” must be rousing music to the ears of people who dance on the graves of the poor, but pat their consciences on the back because they still drop a dollar in the Salvation Army bucket at Christmas.

    “Leadership.” Leaders don’t suppress voter turnout by rescheduling a Senate race– spending millions of those oh-so-precious taxpayer droplets and cents on a fucking Wednesday in October– less than a month before his own. A “leader” by any sane and emotionally developed standard would definitely try to hide good people– his enemies– and competition, in an electoral hole in Jersey’s basement. Put the fucking lotion in the basket, Jersey! This is leadership!

    Chris Christie is a pathetic excuse for a likable, moderate savior of the debunked idea that Republicans can lead and decide shit for people who should just get out of their way. Chris Christie is what a leader looks like to functioning mental degenerates and those poor misguided souls who want to believe the GOP isn’t just bigotry and bullies. Fools. You’re in denial.

    That story up there, in the link, where he bullies the woman/teacher/union thug threatening his fragile principles and leadership skills– again– Melissa Tomlinson, the woman who indirectly dared to expose Chris Christie’s true self and to prove yet again that he his mentally and emotionally unfit for a position of authority– Dave Weigel reported that someone from Chris Christie’s waddling pro-bully support group told her, “you’re in the wrong place, hon.” Yeah no shit. Evidently, where ever Chris Christie goes, you better not be in the wrong place. “Know you place, enemy of mine!” Tomlinson, a Jersey resident, responded, saying, “I know.”

    What kind of fucking governor are you, what kind of politician, or leader are you if people are made to feel unwelcome around you in their own fucking state? Well played, Jersey, you fucking losers.

    Applaud, as he puts down women and children and teachers with the full force of the office, hiding behind his belligerent Bossman mush mouth and calling it “leadership” and “strength” when he prevails over woodland creatures with a giant clown shoe. Christie talks about “fighting” and “leadership” a lot, like he’s trying to rally every imbecile in the post-apocalypse to sack the nursing home in the name of “victory.”

    Chris Christie’s acceptance speech tonight was a sloppy fail of a mush-mouthed manipulation job reaching for the stars of an unfinished fight between a permanent Hurricane Sandy economy and anyone who gets in the way of his ice cream photo ops on his way to the White House kitchen. New Jersey, you tested my faith in humanity tonight.

    • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

      Well said Brinks.
      The smug ‘Governor Rotund’ would not be looking at anywhere near the same results if he was on the same ticket as Corey Booker, and he knows it….the manipulative and wasteful bastard.

    • D_C_Wilson

      And boy, did it not take long for him to become the conservative media darling once again in light Cuccinelli’s flame out. All those nice things he said about the Evil Kenyan Atheist Muslim Nazi Commie Usurper have been forgiven and forgotten.

      • IrishGrrrl

        Their memories are as short as their schlongs.

    • IrishGrrrl

      “You have no idea what the fuck you’re endorsing you size 23 meat head”

      Shaq was buddy of Arpaio and “deputized” during his stay here in the Phoenix area. That alone disqualifies him from mattering to anyone with a brain.

      ” Put the fucking lotion in the basket, Jersey! This is leadership!”

      So full of win

  • PostSurgeOperative

    Fish and bread? That’s for vegetarians!

    REAL Republicans eat beef and potatoes!

    • JozefAL

      Yeah, but Jesus didn’t have access to potatoes. It wasn’t introduced to the “Old World” until the 17th century (which is a bit ironic, given that now, the only Western Hemisphere producer in the Top 10 is the US–every other country in the Top 10 is in Europe or Asia).

      • IrishGrrrl

        Good Goddess! Let’s not “give them potatoes to eat”. Next thing you know the 1 percenters will be taking all the beef and vegetables leaving us to fight over this one root for food and you know what happens when the poor have to rely on just one food item, right? An Gorta Mor — The Great Famine and a massive diaspora

  • D_C_Wilson

    In other news, Ken Cuccinelli was shocked to learn that the anti-blow job platform did not garner as much support as he had hoped.