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Here’s What You’re Missing on This Week’s After Party Podcast


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Here’s What You’re Missing This Week: The 1984 SNL Season Was the Best; Everything is Outrage Worthy; A Screaming Goat Moves into Bob’s Neighborhood; Hilarious Play-by-Play of a Car Accident; George Zimmerman Loses His Guns; Moonrise Kingdom Was Awesome; WTF Is Kevin Smith’s New Movie About?; Why Is There An It’s A Wonderful Life Sequel?; The Beetlejuice Sequel; Sociopath Makes a Sandy Hook Video Game; After Age 42 Men Wear the Same Clothes Every Day; and much more.

  • chris ellis

    Bob, you would love this. I just finished up this week’s after party (great show) and just pulled up the live feed for the Jo Painter show to see if I won 900 bucks and ‘beat Zeke’. I almost don’t want to listen because she’s so damned dumb.