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Nearly Half a Million Already Covered by Obamacare Medicaid Expansion


Virtually no one else seems to be paying any attention to the hundreds of thousands of people now covered by Medicaid, so I will.

And before we go any further, note that these are very early, preliminary numbers that don’t include every state participating in the expansion or states that have very recently chosen to participate.

From the Associated Press

Medicaid has signed up 444,000 people in 10 states in the six weeks since open enrollment began, according to Avalere Health, a market analysis firm. Twenty-five states are expanding their Medicaid programs, but data for all of them was not available. [...]

Avalere’s statistic of at least 444,000 new Medicaid enrollees comes from 10 of the 25 states that accepted the expansion, so it only represents a partial count. Those numbers may also include some individuals eligible for Medicaid under current rules.

For the short amount of time that has passed, 440,00 is a significant number and it only includes 10 out of 25 states that have chosen to participate in the expansion.

If this figure included the state of Ohio, which only just recently decided to participate in the expansion, it could potentially balloon to over 700,000, and eventually it will.

One can only imagine how high the number would go if more states chose to expand Medicaid. Texas, for example, is denying healthcare to more than 1 million people by refusing to expand the program.

ExpMedicaidStatesWhile it has been mentioned dozens of times in the past, it’s worth repeating that expanding Medicaid will cost states nothing for the first several years. The federal government will initially cover 100 percent of the cost and 90 percent of the cost for the foreseeable future. Expanding the program will not harm the economy of any state. On the contrary, refusing to expand the program may hurt their economy.

It’s my belief that the expansion of Medicaid will ultimately surpass expectations and enrollment on the individual market will fall slightly below expectations because we underestimate just how poor much of the nation is. Many people who are seeking insurance are finding that they now qualify for Medicaid whereas they previously didn’t.

Prior to expansion, the Medicaid program excludes a significant number of the working poor.

The early success of Medicaid expansion and the refusal of Republican governors to expand the program, denying healthcare to millions of the working poor, should be the real story today. But that won’t drive ratings the way a horse-race will.

  • mrbrink

    Texas refusing to cover over a million people when it’s right there is a crime against humanity. Same goes for the rest of the principled sadists holding out.

    I know I’d be fucking pissed off if I got all the way to the healthcare pearly gates and some fucking hillbilly sadist like Rick Perry was there barricading the entrance giving me some bullshit lecture about what’s best for me and mine. A fate crueler than death by clown stampede.

    • Christopher Foxx

      …principled sadists…

      No, not principled at all.

      • mrbrink

        Oh, sure they are. They follow the principles of sadism.

  • i_a_c

    846,000 have completed their applications on the Marketplaces but haven’t enrolled yet. You know, because most people take their time on a decision like this.

    Not buying the concern trolling using the most ugly-sounding numbers.

    • D_C_Wilson

      I was watching ABC news tonight and the lead story was, of course, how few people have signed up through the exchanges and how humiliating it is for Obama. They were almost gleeful about it.

      No doubt the numbers would be much higher if the website hadn’t had glitches. No doubt they’d get more signed up if more states had agreed to set up their own exchanges. No doubt there are still problems with the people who are losing their existing coverage. There are serious problems that need to be dealt with. Every major new law has had difficulties and unintended consequences that needed to be dealt with. But never have I seen the Beltway villagers so invested in seeing a law fail before.

      • drspittle

        It’s really sick, isn’t it? They’re really horrible, horrible people.

      • i_a_c

        Yeah, 1.25 million have applied for insurance or Medicaid and it’s “humiliating” for the president. Whatever.

        It’s clear that the MSM is just going to regurgitate RW memes and bullshit for the rest of this presidency. Whether it’s pimping a Benghazi bullshitter hawking his book or cherry picking the worst-sounding ACA stories (or non-stories), that’s the new status quo.

        • D_C_Wilson

          I’d like to think our “librul media” will stop acting as the republican party’s stenographer once Obama’s term is up, but I know better.

  • fry1laurie

    I live in Ohio, and the Rethuglican Lieutenant governor, who’s in charge of the state insurance bureau, has put up so many barriers to enrollment (navigators, what are they?) that signing up in Ohio is like pulling teeth (which hopefully will be included in the Medicaid expansion).

  • LTanya Spearman

    Newly available data reported today in an issue brief from HHS that highlights national & state – level enrollment – related information:
    Obamacare Numbers#
    106,185 people signed up on the exchange
    396,261 are eligible for Medicaid/CHIP
    846,184 have completed applications
    1,509,883 individuals applying for coverage with completed applications
    1,081,592 total individual eligible to enroll in an exchange plan
    Pres. Obama ‘Tweaks’ His Message On Keeping Your Plan In 2010