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Rand Paul: Serial Plagiarist

While two other instances of Rand Paul plagiarism have already been identified, Buzzfeed has identified a third.

Paul reportedly copied a significant chunk of a Heritage Foundation case study for his book Government Bullies.

“The copied section, 1,318 words, is by far the most significant instance reported so far of Paul borrowing language from other published material. The new cut-and-paste job follows reports by BuzzFeed, Politico, and MSNBC that Paul had plagiarized speeches either from Wikipedia or news reports.”

In his defense, Republicans typically say exactly what the Heritage Foundation wants them to say anyway. This conveniently eliminates the middle-man.

  • Mike_Norris

    That was the shortest almost a candidate for president in history

  • RenoRick

    I would love to see Maddow Vs. Paul. But she wouldn’t stoop to his level. I always knew this guy was a fraud; It’s nice to see him finally caught! Which means he will win his next election in KY in a landslide…

  • muselet

    Think how many duels Rand Paul is going to have to fight. Defending his insulted honor and integrity *snerk* could keep him busy for months, if not years.

    As long as it keeps him away from the Senate, I call that a good thing.


  • D_C_Wilson

    In future, maybe they can just wear Google Glasses that are permanently logged into the Heritage Foundation’s server so that they can be told what to say 24/7.