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Worst Person in the World

Gregory Beck has now apologized for his actions, but that doesn’t prohibit him from being today’s Worst Person in the World as far as I’m concerned.

From the Associated Press

Gregory Beck of Brookfield was referring to a tribute known as “26 Days of Kindness,” which began Tuesday and runs through Dec. 14, the anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The social media campaign asks participants to donate to charity or give of themselves in other ways to remember the 20 children and six educators who were killed. Beck wrote on Facebook that his acts of kindness would be to distribute ammunition to friends who are gun enthusiasts on each of the 26 days.

Get it? He’ll hand out ammunition to remember the 20 small children massacred at Sandy Hook because clearly the shooter didn’t have enough ammunition and you never know when someone else may need extra ammunition. Or something.

Did I mention that Mister Beck was just elected to serve on the school board in a neighboring town?



  • JWheels

    That bag of dicks is from my town, ugh.

  • muselet

    What is Gregory Beck going to do next? Give kiddie porn to pedophiles kiddie to honor abused children? Smash the windows of Jewish-owned businesses in remembrance of the Holocaust?

    Ashby, I think you may have found the Worst Person of the Year.


  • Christopher Foxx

    Beck said Wednesday his comment was not intended to be malicious and that he recognizes it was insensitive and indefensible.

    Y’know, I’m sure it wasn’t intended to be malicious. I’m sure it never occurred to him that this would be offensive.

    It’s just the mindset gun nuts have. Everything is about how people are trying to victimize them. The idea that other people should be considered just doesn’t register.

    “I unequivocally apologize to the citizens of Brookfield, Newtown and all others who I have offended or hurt. I am sorry for my mistake and ask for your forgiveness, which I hope to earn over time.”

    How, Gregory? If you really recognize how wrong a move that was, what are you going to do to make up for it?

    Not holding my breath.

    • Badgerite

      Truly. They have the gall to say such stupid stuff like “Why should ‘innocent’ gun owners suffer due to the actions of one mentally disturbed boy?” —– ‘suffer’ being defined as having to register there weapons with the state or maybe be limited to an ammunition magazine with only ten rounds in it. . Oh, the humanity.

      • Christopher Foxx

        Seriously. I mean, how can the minor inconvenience of someone having their child murdered compare to the deep anguish of a gun owner actually having to let people know they own a gun?