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In other news, the FDA said today that there is no evidence that anti-bacterial handsoap actually kills bacteria. On the contrary, it may actually increase your risk of spreading germs. So that’s helpful.

Suddenly I don’t feel so weird for primarily using hand sanitizer instead, even at home.

  • swift_4

    Anything that says it kills 99.9% of the germs is basically creating the supervirus that will bring down the apocalypse. The .1% of germs it doesn’t kill are the strongest, and you’ve just taken out all their competition and given them room to grow. I only use hand sanitizer if I’m at a medical building (where I also turn into Monk and refuse to touch anything if I can get away with it).

  • Churchlady320

    This info has been around since at LEAST 2000. The function of soap is to slide germs and viruses off your hands, down the drain. Where they go from there…no idea, but you don’t spread them in person-to-person contact anyway. So-called anti-bacterial soaps are dangerous for the reasons stated. They do NOT kill everything, and what lingers grows stronger. So just wash. Cold water is as good as warm – it would have to be boiling to do anything. SOAP, not anti-bacterial anything, is the best thing to use, period. (But I seriously do NOT know where the germs go from my hands and the drain. Anyone know that?)

  • Elsah Cort

    Ditto concern for using hand sanitizer. It is also causing mutations with microorganisms. Best practice is to wash hands for the amount of time it takes to sing Happy Birthday or perhaps, Give Peace a Chance, using ordinary soap, and wash the bugs down the drain. The aim to remove them, not to annihilate them. As a registered nurse since 1969, it has disturbed me greatly to see the rise of super bug infections, the decreasing potency of individual immune systems, and the lack of basic handwashing in healthcare settings. Hand sanitizer is motivated by profit and is false security.

    • ninjaf

      And doesn’t work on viruses, am I correct? Which are more of a hazard to us, anyway.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Oh, well that’s nice to know. >:P

  • Christopher Foxx

    The agency published a preliminary draft of its findings in 1978, but never finalized the results until Monday.


  • Christopher Foxx

    And from what I’ve read, one of the germiest places in a public bathroom could be the soap in the soap dispenser…