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Enemies List

Artist – Rob Rogers

In other news, the city of Detroit was given the greenlight to proceed with bankruptcy by a federal bankruptcy court today.

We’ll be keeping an eye on those pensions.

  • gescove

    The city of Detroit was not given the green light. The emergency manager, appointed by Governor Rick Snyder, was given the green light. This “(D)espite a determination that negotiations with creditors outside of bankruptcy court had not satisfied good-faith requirements.” [see Even though the previous emergency manager law had been overturned by voters. Even though the officials duly elected by the people of Detroit are powerless to act on their behalf. So yeah… keep an eye on the pensions. Also keep an eye on the $1 billion worth of art in the metropolitan museum. This is the kind of despicable anti-democratic shock doctrine vulture capitalism that makes Mitt Romney drool.

  • IrishGrrrl

    Correct me if I am wrong, but can’t the judge specify the order in which the debts are paid, thus putting priority on the pensions? It seems crazy to me that they would take care of the banks first and leave those workers without a retirement. I mean, it would affect those people for the rest of their lives but with the banks, it’s a write off and tiny bump in the road.