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Fox News Contributor Calls For Overthrowing the President ‘By Any Means Necessary’

There’s another Rush. And this other Rush wrote something yesterday that’s darker and uglier than anything Rush Limbaugh has said recently, if that’s even possible. (And no, this has nothing to do with the excellent Canadian progressive rock band.)

His name is Erik Rush. In addition to hosting a daily podcast called Full Contact, he’s a regular Fox News contributor whose big claim to, well, infamy was that he broke the story about Rev. Jeremiah Wright during the 2008 campaign.

He also believes President Obama might be part of a Satanic cult. But that’s not all, Rush once said that Obama is a communist operative, “Damien” from The Omen and the president will soon be “herding people into cattle cars.” Channeling Alex Jones, Rush once said that the Navy Yard massacre was a false flag to prevent the president from being arrested for treason.

On Monday, Rush said that anyone who criticizing him should be tossed in jail for, yes, treason. Last week, while hosting conservative activist Jim Garrow on his podcast, Garrow and Rush agreed that Obama should be executed. Why? Because the president, working in tandem with George Soros, plotted to fire nuclear weapons at various American cities, killing most of the U.S. population.

He’s a bigtime wackadoodle.

But it gets worse… [CONTINUE READING]

  • Username1016

    It’s going to be a minor miracle if Obama makes it through both terms with no actual assassination attempts. Given all the energy that’s being expended riling up the borderline crazies…

  • zirgar

    If the slightest inconvenience thrown their way by the federal government causes these idiotic, thin-skinned, whiny right-wingers to go ballistic like this, I’d sure hate to see how they’d react to real, genuine tyranny. There wouldn’t be enough clean, fresh water on Earth to hose out all the poop they’d fear-squirt into all of their bloomers. I’m sure Stalin, Pol Pot, and Ceausescu are in Hell laughing at these imbeciles, while all the people who lived and died under those dictators are in their graves wishing they could have had it as easy we Americans do, what with us even being able to threaten our leader and make protest against him without fear of reprisal and all that fucking tyranny! Don’t Tread On Me (You Might Get Poop On Ya)!

    • GrafZeppelin127

      It’s ironic, almost; people who have absolutely no inkling of what real tyranny and oppression are like, have this overwhelming need and desire to feel oppressed by tyranny. Makes me sick.