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Here’s What You’re Missing This Week: We Recap Our Thanksgivings; Bob vs Gecko; Bob Rips to Shreds the Movie ‘Frances Ha’; We Complain Like Old Men; What’s Wrong with Rotten Tomatoes?; What’s Wrong with Millennials?; What’s Wrong with Gawker?; The Matrix is Here: Artificial Wombs in Japan; Inara’s Sharpie Mishap; Inara’s Hitler Mustache; Liberal Superheroes; New Legendary Character Confirmed for Man of Steel 2; The Amazing Spider-Man Sucks; Ron Burgundy on KXMB TV; and much more.

  • Art__VanDalay

    Really enjoyed this weeks show, particularly the bitter old dude part. Reminds me of my brother in law to a tee. 29 years old and had a pretty successful junk removal company his dad helped him build. But of course that wasn’t good enough for him; the world had to hear his voice. He is now an aspiring “film maker” with a few bullshit short films on Vimeo that he is sure are going to have him discovered. Pretty sure there is a reality bite in e ass in his near future.

  • IrishGrrrl

    In some cultures, getting pooped on like that is a sign of good luck in the year to come. I have a similar funny story…when I was in 4th grade my backyard was separated from a public park and my elementary grade school by an 8 foot tall chain link fence. Every morning the gate would be locked and I would have to remember to take the key to get through it. One day I was running late and ran up to the gate, realized that I’d forgotten it and didn’t have time to go back inside to get it. So I exclaimed “Shit!”, gesturing emphatically with both arms spread wide palms up….the curse word no sooner left my mouth when a golf ball sized white mess of bird shit dropped into my left hand. I looked up and saw a big black crow sitting in the tree above me.

    I was laughing so hard–your Paula Dean imitations….OMFG. My advice, don’t forget to make some racist shoe fly pie!

    The Little Rascals theme…when it started to play, I was crying from laughter….”of course it won’t come off!”….Chez I feel your pain, I try to work from home with my 3 year old too and it just doesn’t fly. We NEED a picture of her angelic little face and the black circles…and if not for us, you should take one and use it for blackmail when she is a teenager.

    The Hero article by “Sam” was awesome. Chez is becoming a master of satire…./bowing-we are not worthy