LePage: Look on the Bright Side of Catastrophe

According to Maine Governor Paul LePage, we’ve been thinking about this climate change thing all wrong.

“Everybody looks at the negative effects of global warming, but with the ice melting, the Northern Passage has opened up,” Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) said at a conference on transportation. “So maybe, instead of being at the end of the pipeline, we’re now at the beginning of a new pipeline.”

Exactly. Just think of all the excellent farm land that will open up north of the border once the state of Florida is submerged.


The good news is Paul LePage admits that global warming exists.

  • West_of_the_Cascades

    I have surprisingly little problem with the proposed new map of Florida. Maybe this anthropogenic global climate change isn’t such a bad thing after all (although I feel bad for the folks in the Maldives and South Pacific islands).

  • D_C_Wilson

    He does know that Main has a coastline, too, right?

    • mdblanche

      Given his latest statement and his past track record, he may not.

  • mdblanche

    The governor’s brain fart makes for a great song but I’m not sure it makes for a great climate change strategy.


  • muselet

    Enjoy your dengue fever, Governor.