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Change of Plans: Let’s Be as Stupid as Possible

Good job

On Friday, GOP congressional candidate Ian Bayne went all in, comparing Robertson to civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

“In December 1955, Rosa Parks took a stand against an unjust societal persecution of black people, and in December 2013, Robertson took a stand against persecution of Christians,” Bayne said in an email to supporters.

“What Parks did was courageous,” he added. “What Mr. Robertson did was courageous too.”

They don’t prepare you for moments like this in gif class.


  • nathkatun7

    Right wingers and the purity “holier than thou” progressives have done stolen my Rosa Parks and gone. Stealing classified information and sharing it with U.S. adversaries, as well as spouting hatred against a segment of Americans, are now regarded as actions comparable in moral force to the courageous action by a Black woman, Rosa Parks, who was arrested for refusing to obey Segregation laws by giving up her seat to a white man. What an insult to Rosa Parks and all the courageous black people, many of whom, like Medgar Evers, paid with their lives to bring about the end of the unjust and inhumane Jim crow laws.

    Obviously for Phil Robertson, he loved the good old times of share-cropping, Jim Crow, and Black disfranchisement, when all the “colored folks” were happy, and loved white folks more than they loved their freedom and their humanity. I am sure Phil Robertson, who is now being compared to Rosa Parks, believed that Rosa Parks’ action, when she defied Alabama’s segregation laws, was caused/inspired by outside communists agitators. As far as he is concerned, Black people in his native Louisiana (and I suppose he thinks the same was true in Alabama, Georgia Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, etc., etc.,) were so happy and contented with the Jim crow system.

  • muselet

    I guess Ian Bayne thinks there are no black people in Illinois. Or people who paid attention in History class. Or people who aren’t completely, frothing mad.

    Yeah, this should end well for him.


  • Christopher Foxx

    From the link:

    Bayne is essentially praising Robertson for whitewashing the struggles that Parks fought so hard to eradicate.

    Conservatives are masters of irony. Hypocritical, punch-them-in-the-facepalm irony.

  • Anomaly 100

    Yes I get it. On the one hand we have a civil rights hero and on the other we have a bigoted racist. *Exactly alike.*

    • Zen Diesel

      Yep, I clearly see the similarity….lol. Memo to conservatives….stop claiming civil rights heroes in the name of all that is wrong with the dominion Jesus, fox news and moon-bat shit crazy politicians.

      • Anomaly 100

        Can you blame them when all they’ve got is Ted Nugent?

        • Zen Diesel

          Speaking of the shittiest chickenhawk, wasn’t he suppose to dead or in jail. I thoroughly believe in the freedom of being allowed to say something stupid speech. Conservatives have to learn that they can’t have it both ways. They can’t fake outrage with what Martin Bashir said about Caribou Barbie, and on the same hand fake outrage because LGBT and Black folks are offended by what the Duck Dynasty assclown said.

          • Anomaly 100

            I have a site and we were doing a countdown for his death. I was very disappointed. A ‘patriot’ such as Shitty Pants Ted should keep his word.

          • Zen Diesel

            I heard somewhere the turd is thinking about running for President. I didn’t think the Insane Republican Clown Car Posse from the last primary season could get any nuttier. It will be comedy gold if the Patriot decides to run for President.

          • Anomaly 100

            I’d love it if he did. It’s like another nail in the GOP’s coffin. I loves me the GOP clown car.

          • Zen Diesel

            Can u imagine how insane the clown show would be with Mr. Sweater Vest Santorum, The Huckster Huckabee, Flavor of the month Ben Carson, I shat my pants Nugent, Kristy Kreme Christy and don’t ask me about my brother Jeb Bush trying to explain why anyone who isn’t dropping acid should vote for them.

          • Anomaly 100

            Lest we forget Michelle Bachmann.

          • Zen Diesel

            Lol, Moon-Bat Shit Crazy Eyes Bachmann will be too busy trying to stay out of jail over campaign finances.

          • Anomaly 100

            She looks better with that makeup on. ^

          • JMAshby


  • Badgerite

    Oh Sweet Jesus! He lost a TV show. No one prevented him from voting. No one told him to sit or stand at the back of the bus. He lost a TV show. That is not a civil rights issue.

    • ninjaf

      Unless they all believe they are entitled to their own reality tv show? *facepalm*

  • nicole

    They’ll never get it. Obviously. Aside from the fact that Roberts is a racist anti-semite, Christians have never been “persecuted”.

    On the contrary, Christians have throughout history been behind the movements to persecute others whether it’s for their religion, their lack of religion, their seeming weirdness (witches), or their sexuality. And hey, I would guess most of those old time Southern slave holders were damn near all…..Christians.

    Disclaimer……I was born a Catholic, raised as a Jew, and consider myself an Atheist. I have nothing against Christianity, I only object to the hypocrisy so endemic in that particular religion.

    • Churchlady320

      What peeves me NO end is the capacity of these louts to smear all people of faith by their impossibly heretical interpretations of Christianity. There have always been two threads – one is about personal salvation (Roberts, Palin, Robertson et al.) and the other about social justice and following the teachings (Abolitionists, faith leaders of every social movement). The latter – Rev. King et al. – have been overwhelmed by the media’s fascination with the former.

      Those who fought slavery, worked for labor rights and against exploitation of children, who led Civil Rights, who marched against Vietnam, those fighting for immigrants and the poor, the faith people languishing in prison for their anti-nuke civil disobedience, the clergy who drove women to Canada before Roe, those embracing LGBT equality – all have been overshadowed by the extremists. And we are NOT believers in mystical beings or rules but in JUSTICE for all people. Our work for freedom of conscience also embraces taking a stand AGAINST extremists on behalf of the rights of agnostics, atheists, and, as you note, the ‘weird’.

      That part of Christianity never gets air time. We are boring even in demonstrations of activism. It’s much sexier for the media when people hate, spew spittle, threaten or commit violence. Working for change hardly ever measures up as the ‘infotainment’ the media so depend upon. Bah! The Religious Right has successfully split progressives who no longer trust one another because the secular folks presume the faith folks are just “Jerry Falwell Lite” and the faith people are tired of being called superstitious fools.

      Yup – the extremists have done a perfect job of creating division. Now – who’s up for repairing it?

      • nicole

        The only people who are responsible for repairing it are other Christians.

        Extremists don’t operate n in a vaccum. Just as the GOP allowed the Tea Party to make a complete freaking mess in their midst, so has the Christian religion allowed extremists to do the same.

        It will take a lot of Christian leaders speaking out, a long, concerted effort for this to change.

        • Zen Diesel

          They won’t speak out because the grifters have taken over Christianity. It’s too much money sitting on the table for them to make an honest change. It’s much easier to cherry pick from the scriptures to fit whatever narrative is needed at the time than to be truthful to those who choose to follow the teachings of Christ.

    • nathkatun7

      “Christians have never been “persecuted”,

      Correct me if I am wrong, but weren’t Christians persecuted before the Roman emperor, Constantine, accepted Christianity? This was at the time when Christians embraced the poor and the down-trodden.

      • nicole

        Very possibly. I really wasn’t thinking that far back in history, and even if that was the case, it probably had more to do with the fact that the Jews, who have always been persecuted, were responsible for the Christian religion…… was an offshoot of the Jewish religion.

        • nathkatun7

          So who crucified Jesus? Was Jesus the Christ nailed on the Cross because he was Jewish?

          • nicole

            No idea. I have long ago given up worrying about anything religious. Frankly, I’m wondering what you’re trying to get at here.