McConnell: Can’t Imagine a Clean Debt Ceiling

Echoing Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell said today that he expects another round of hostage taking shortly after the new year.

The Kentucky Republican said “I doubt” many GOP members in the House or Senate would agree to lifting the country’s borrowing authority without conditions attached.

“I can’t imagine it being done clean,” he said.

The Republican party may have let the government shutdown hostage go, but they still have the debt ceiling hostage.

I don’t believe their next attempt at extortion will be any more successful than their last, however I’m all for letting them think and say that it will be. Show America what your priorities are. You’re doing great.

  • sweetnonnie

    I find it almost impossible to believe that Ryan and McConnell really believe this will be a winner for them. Trashing the world’s economy, let alone our own — even threatening to do so, as they are still trying to recover from the hits they took in the last shutdown? Heading into mid-terms? Do they think that all of a sudden democrats, Reid and Obama will have lost their rhetorical balls? Do they still not get the black guy in the White House?

  • D_C_Wilson

    McChinless needs to pander to the teabagger moran voters if he hopes to survive the primary next year. Too bad the rest of the country has to suffer as a result.