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Nelson Mandela


Artist — Jimmy Margulies

Meanwhile, in an effort to continue to make peace with Iran and ward off America’s genocidal maniacs, President Obama is sending Secretary of State John Kerry and his lead Iran negotiator, Under Secretary Wendy Sherman to Capitol Hill next week to remind the Reagan 80s and the ‘both-sides’ concern trolls that we do things a little differently now.

Iranian President Hussan Rouhani is busy doing the same.

And it’s looking like House Republicans are prepared to walk away from passing a farm bill before the holiday recess, mainly because they’re unable to pass a sadistically-brutal ‘welfare reform’ bill that cuts $4o billion from SNAP– starving out women, children, seniors and people with disabilities just in time for Christmas.

If the $80 billion farm bill isn’t hammered out by next week, it will revert to the original 1930s “farm law” on New Year’s Day.

Back to the Depression-era 1930s with us! Because fiscal conservatism!

  • IrishGrrrl

    The price of milk will double. That will hurt everyone but the poor most of all. I really hope they won’t do this but I suspect they will. Only good that might come out of it is that it will hurt the GOP like the shutdown did.

    • muselet

      Only good that might come out of it is that it will hurt the GOP like the shutdown did.

      I wish I believed that. The Rs’ approval ratings plummeted after the shutdown until they started screeching about Obamacare and website glitches; then their ratings rose again. Welcome to Short Attention Span Politics.

      No matter what, the Rs will still get a minimum of 27% of the popular vote, including from people who are directly harmed by the Rs’ actions. They’ll still manage to hold onto more House seats than they lose, due in part to gerrymandering. They’ll still hold more state governments than they lose, thanks in part to voter-suppression laws. And our glorious news media will carry water for the Rs by chanting “BOTH SIDES!” at the top of their collective lungs, because that’s what they do.

      Maybe I’m just feeling cross, but I don’t see any meaningful harm coming to the Rs even if people were to starve to death in the streets.


      • IrishGrrrl

        That’s what I think too on my “bad days” and I’ve had a lot of “bad days” lately.

  • missliberties

    Reverting back to the 1930’s Farm Law…. would be a Confederate Republicans Dream.