Little did they know that our War on Christmas was just a distraction from the War on “Traditional Marriage.”

I’m assuming that, when the Mormon lobby began pouring millions of dollars into Proposition 8 in California, they didn’t realize it would lead to Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage being overturned in just a few short years.

It’s remarkable that this comes just two days after a certain conservative reality TV star made headlines for comparing homosexuality to bestiality.

The Right Wing tears will be delicious.

  • Henry_Moody

    Ha! And they think THEY won because Walmart sold out of Duck Dynasty hick bait.

    I can’t leave without mentioning how hysterical it’s been today to see the hillbilly end-zone dance about skyrocket sales of DD shwag. YESTERDAY: “We HATE you A&E!! You’ve got a lot of nerve, A&E!! You just lost a viewer A&E!! I’m un-Liking this page A&E!!” Then off they go to hand their money over to…? A&E, holder of the merchandising rights for that fake as pro wrestling “reality” show.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    You’ve got to read the opinion. This judge threw Scalia’s bigoted, passive-aggressive dissents in Lawrence and Windsor back in his corpulent scumbag face and made him swallow them whole.

    Metaphorically speaking, of course.

  • muselet

    I expect the appeals to begin first thing Monday morning, but in the meantime, I’ll just keep chuckling.

    Federal judge strikes down Utah’s same-sex marriage ban, saying it is unconstitutional.

    For a Californian Lefty, it doesn’t get much more delicious than that.