• Victor_the_Crab

    Foghorn Leghorn to Brian Kilmeade:

  • Dennis Collins

    Does Kilmeade have to have someone assist him in displaying the correct number of “piddies” before answering the age question?

  • muselet

    No, I thought. Not possible. Even Brian Kilmeade couldn’t be that obtuse. There has to be some context in which what he said wasn’t the stupidest thing anyone on Fox has said in, oh, the past five minutes.

    So I clicked on the link.

    Aha, said I, Kilmeade was interviewing Ray Odierno, Army Chief of Staff. The quote might not have been just random words strung together.

    I read on and found that Kilmeade seemed to be making more sense than usual, which was heartening. Then I got to this:

    “Are you disturbed where we’re at with the country you worked so hard to liberate?” he wondered.

    “When we left there it was in a really good place,” Odierno remarked. [Not in Raw Story’s transcript:] “Security was very good, violence was very low—”

    “It was a great place!” Kilmeade interrupted.

    I even watched the video to confirm the quote.

    I was wrong. Brian Kilmeade really is that obtuse. What he said really was the stupidest thing said on Fox in a fair amount of time. The context most definitely didn’t help.

    Bob, I’ll never doubt you again (although I am getting leery of some sites’ transcriptions).


    • Christopher Foxx

      Standing ovation for your actually checking out the context. I wish more would.