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Rand Paul: Let Detroit Have Robitussin

Kentucky senator and libertarian boy-wonder Rand Paul has discovered the cure-all for the city of Detroit which has been given the greenlight to declare bankruptcy.

Tax cuts.

The tax cuts would go to areas with an unemployment rate 50 percent greater than the national average, as well as cities like Detroit that have filed for bankruptcy or are at risk of doing so. The regions would be known as “Economic Freedom Zones.”

Picard and Riker Facepalm

“Where we truly think this is different than government stimulus, is that a government stimulus takes money from one area of the country, brings it to Washington, then somebody — a central planner — has to decide who to give it to,” Paul said on a conference call with reporters.

“In ours, basically the money will go back to people who the customers have already voted for, businesses that are making a profit, a welding business in Detroit that has 10 employees. They’re the one that’s going to get the taxes back.”

How this is truly different than government stimulus is government stimulus is, well, stimulative while tax cuts aren’t. A central planner still has to decide who gets a tax cut. And if past is prologue, the kind of tax cut Rand Paul has in mind is the kind where poor people receive two dollars while the rich receive $2,000.

Rand Paul says that we should cut income taxes, corporate taxes, payroll taxes, and capital gains taxes for cities such as Detroit and that this would somehow enable The Poors to bail themselves out in their newly-founded “Economic Freedom Zone.”

If that sounds familiar, it’s more or less the inner-city prosperity gospel of Paul Ryan.

  • centerfielddj

    Michigan Governor Snyder’s appointee as Detroit’s Emergency Manager, Kevin Orr, most definitely meets the definition of a government central planner. In fact, he rather exactly meets the definition of a tsar. Not the bullshit tsars of Democratic Administrations made up for fun by right-wingers. I’m talking pre-revolution Russian Tsars. Orr has the near-absolute powers of one of those.
    Perhaps someone should have asked Rand about that. They could even ask Snyder and Orr about that now. I heard there’s these people who ask knowledgeable questions of important people and share the answers with the public. They even ask follow-up questions when the leaders they’re questioning are not forthcoming with answers, or if their answers are not accurate representations of the facts.
    I remember now: reporters. Yeah, they reporters to work in a profession which helped the people govern themselves. Journalism, I think it was.

  • Scopedog

    So…who still wants to “stand” with this jackass? Anybody?

  • D_C_Wilson

    “In ours, basically the money will go back to people who the
    customers have already voted for, businesses that are making a profit, a welding business in Detroit that has 10 employees. They’re the one that’s going to get the taxes back.”

    This is the biggest fallacy of trickle down economics: That businesses will hire more people if they get a tax cut. If anything, they’re more likely to spend that money on new equipment, ie, something they can right off on next year’s taxes.

    Randy just doesn’t understand that businesses don’t just hire people just because they have some extra money. They hire people when the demand for their product or service increases and they need additional people to meet it. If they just hire somebody they don’t need, what is that person going to do? Are they going to pay that worker to just stand around waiting for more work to come in?

    That’s why infrastructure spending or increasing the minimum wage is always more stimulative that tax cuts for businesses. It puts money into the hands of people who will spend it, thus creating more business for welding shops and retail stores. Most business leads to more jobs.

    Why is this so hard for Reaganites to understand?

    • muselet

      Because it’s a tenet of their religious belief. (But you knew that already.)


  • Badgerite

    Here’s where Rand Paul seems to get confused. He seems to think that when you buy a product in a store it is like an election. That that is ‘democracy’ in action. It is not democracy in action. It is the marketplace in action. No society or community can deal with with the long term issues they face by the determination of which jar of peanut butter you buy. The marketplace is simply not the place to determine how to deal with the issues which societies inevitably face and the decisions they must make.

  • mrbrink

    Are you shitting me with “economic freedom zones?”

    Like economic quarantine, or economic concentration camps?

    What the fuck is it with these laughable goober-intellectuals and their need to qualify everything with the word “freedom?”

    He’s supporting the drawing of lines and borders based upon income and partitioning of whole neighborhoods into some sort of centralized Gestapo occupation plan where right wing think tanks, states’ rights zealots and corporate backers get to decide what it means to be “free,” rather than elected “bureaucrats in Washington.” Redistricting economics and democracy.

    You can see the versatility in such thinking with these modern day wonders of authoritarian imagination, or “freemagination.” When the freedom fails to arrive because of the liberal media, a massive 10-year infrastructure project will ensue, they’ll say, “Heil, infrastructure!” with a trillion dollars immediately diverted from Obamacare and SNAP to build giant concrete walls that they’ll call, “freedom and safety walls” because “prison walls” don’t poll well. Democracy will of course have to be ‘zoned’ and suspended, because it already has to a great degree in Michigan, and with voter suppression throughout the country, the next step isn’t so much a slippery slope, but a heated ski-lift to the top of Mt. Fuck You All. But only then can freedom be redistributed most effectively to those who love and appreciate its God-given blessings the most: Job creators.

    Rand Paul’s ‘economic freedom zones’ are to economics what ‘free speech zones’ are to democracy, and without all the confrontational backtalk. He’s calling for deregulated corporate hegemony zones controlled by billionaires and their parading right wing militias and calling it “freedom.”

    If Rand Paul ever slips on a banana peel and kills himself a new standard of poetic justice will have been realized. They’ll call him their JFK/MLK and freedom zones will have lost a real donut hole revolutionary, but that banana peel would of course have to be tried and fried for treason. Finally, a trial befitting Darrell Issa’s court.

    • muselet

      Nobody, but nobody, does righteous rants like you do. Well done, mate.


      • mrbrink

        Ashby provokes this sort of thing.

  • muselet

    If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    Rand Paul is hammer-headed, so what does that make Detroit, apart from doomed? (I’m not sure even zombie Jack Kemp wouldn’t step away from Paul’s dimwittery.)