• Mike Huben

    “Edward Snowden is more or less a ceiling-cat meme at this point.”

    I hate to rain on your Snowden hate-fest, but the NY Times Editorial Page doesn’t think so.

    Face up to it: you picked a side that is dreadfully in the wrong. And the revelations of just how wrong they are just keep coming. I’d say that the brilliance of Snowden is not just in his widely acknowledged technical genius, but also in his gradual release of a never-ending list of offenses by the NSA so that the furor cannot be swept under the rug and forgotten.

    Which is what you seem to want. Just what atrocities would it take for you to change your mind?

  • FlipYrWhig

    I liked the part in the credits about Gellman lurking in the corner.

  • j hentai

    i also found this hilarious :http://www.duffelblog.com/2013/12/soldier-responds-letter-first-grader/. also see the top comment . priceless.

  • 1933john

    WTFO, No salt peter in NSA cafeteria food?