Say Happy Holiday Again, I Dare You


A woman who was ringing the bell for the Salvation Army was assaulted outside a local Wal-Mart in Phoenix, Arizona because she said “happy holiday.”

Kristina Vindiola says a woman hit her outside the Wal-Mart on 91st Avenue and Thomas Road after she said “Happy Holidays.”

“The lady looked at me,” said Vindiola. “I thought she was going to put money in the kettle. She came up to me and said, ‘Do you believe in God?’ And she says, ‘You’re supposed to say Merry Christmas,’ and that’s when she hit me.”

Putting the Christ back in Christmas, one holiday-shaming slap at a time. That’ll teach her not to say polite things to passers-by.

Local police didn’t arrest her attacker however Vindiola reportedly plans to pursue legal action.

  • UnsaltedSinner

    I blame Antonio Gramsci.

  • t_rasa

    Let’s go troll conservative media by wishing everyone on the comment boards a warm, cozy Happy Holidays. Would be fun to see how these simple words get the conservative brain rage going.

  • mrbrink

    Describe what Santa Claus looks like!

    • JMAshby

      Laughed my ass off

  • ninjaf

    Because standing there and collecting funds on behalf of a Christian charity, with these stated beliefs, is not Christian enough for that dimwit:

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    Nothing says baby jebus loves you quite like a right jab!

    • Churchlady320

      Jesus would be the first to condemn the idiot woman who assaulted the bell ringer. These people are NOT Christians but totalitarians – the new Pharisees. Idiot. I hope Vindiola gets a significant settlement – this is beyond stupid. Christian? My ass.

  • Christopher Foxx

    A “follower of Christ” who believes one should turn the other cheek so she can hit you on that one also.
    A police department that refuses to arrest people for assault.

    sigh The hypocrites are taking over.

    No worse than that. These people actually believe, at a far deeper level than just not-practicing-what-they-preach hypocrisy we all do at times. They believe Christ wants them to hit people. They believe it’s wrong for the police to arrest someone for assault.

    There is a deep, right to the molten iron core wrongness in these people.

    • Christopher Foxx

      however Vindiola reportedly plans to pursue legal action.

      Good for her. She should!

    • Churchlady320

      Cops often give a pass to self proclaimed “Christians”. Anti abortion demonstrators never face any of the usual penalties labor or other folks would – UNTIL they start assaulting cops. Then and ONLY then do things change. This responding unit should be hammered by public opinion about their selective enforcement of the law.

  • IrishGrrrl

    That is so typical of Arizona. Walk up and slap a complete stranger in the face and not get arrested–because she was defending Baby Jesus. I hope the victim sues the sh*t out of that woman.

    • muselet

      Arm, according to the story, not face. Doesn’t make the battery any less real, of course.

      Phoenix police looked at surveillance video but didn’t have enough evidence to arrest the woman accused in the assault.

      How convenient.


      • IrishGrrrl

        You know it could have been worse, I guess. If it had been me and someone hit me like that (even in the arm) I would be tempted to put them into a not so friendly pain compliance hold or hit them back (depending on their age and relative health–I don’t beat up old ladies, even IF they deserve it :) And I would have been the one going to jail. Good thing I don’t collect money for the Salvation Army…..