Voter Suppression

Tell Us Something We Don’t Know

I snark, but this is an important academic study that could be cited in future court battles.

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts have studied voter suppression laws and found that, as you suspected, they’re racist.

“We looked at proposed and passage over this period, and we looked at just 2011 specifically,” Bentele told TPM in an interview this week. “And you have this consistent emergence — over and over and over — these partisan and racial factors are the most strongly associated with these outcomes.” [...]

There were a “handful” of factors associated with the proposal of more bills in recent years, Bentele said, and “they’re basically all racial.” States that saw higher minority turnout in the previous presidential election, and states that had more African American and non-citizen residents, saw more bills proposed.

The title of their academic paper is Jim Crow 2.0

  • Badgerite

    “Jim Crow 2.0″
    That sounds about right.

  • muselet

    Our glorious news media will continue to ignore the paper (it was published on the 10th of December), so only a limited number of (mostly) academics will be aware of its existence. And since Rs plain don’t believe in science, they won’t even bother with token black Democrats are the real racists! outrage.

    And I do hope the authors are purer than Caesar’s wife, because guaranteed there is opposition research being done on them.