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Sarah Palin’s Mouth: We’re in Holiday Mode; The Obama’s Dog Accused of Tackling a Kid; Martin Bashir Fired from MSNBC Over Sarah Palin Remark; Erick Rush Wants to Assassinate Obama; Alex Jones Rejects a Conspiracy Theory; The Paul Walker Truthers; Amazon Drones; Plan-B is Not the Same as Abortion; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius, the Amazon Link and the Bowen Law Group.

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  • villemar

    I agree with Chez that social media is becoming FUBAR. I’ve found psychotic anti-Obama tirades on posts about subjects that have absolutely nothing whatsovever to do with anything even remotely political. A recent example off the top of my head was some bilous fuckface ranting Anti-Obama drool on a Turner Classic Movies thread on FB about Film Noir; many others but none are coming to mind right now. Although I think the silliest example (I remember this because it was the most absurd) was a couple of tirades on the Marshmellow Peeps FB page last Spring. Fucking PEEPS. These tirades are increasing exponentially. Since these people are nihilistic vandals set on ruining everything, I think they are trying to turn the entire internet into a shithole shantytown. Of course the Neolibertarains and Paulists and the Alex Jones et al Cultists are happy to shit up cyberspace also. I really think Gresham’s Law of Internet Discourse applies here (Gresham’s Law being an economic precept that bad money drives out good).

  • IrishGrrrl

    Love the “Little Soap of Bethlehem”! She has a lovely voice. Is it downloadable?

    I believe you can buy “The Lamp” via Wireless, the public radio catalogue of silly useless things ( I have to watch it every year at least once, preferrably while imbibing large quantities of holiday libations.

    Ouch, long sustained beep usually means something on the motherboard…glad they helped you!

    My 3 year-old son has a permanent bruise on his forehead. When he falls/runs into something I usually look at him and say, “you’re fine” and since he doesn’t see any sympathy on my face, he just shrugs it off.

    Bob, that cosplay statement yesterday was so good, I wanted to tell you again.

    “where idiocy meets arrogance” is the perfect summation….they actually think that they and they alone are our protectors that hold the government at bay….

    • Bob Cesca

      Thanks, IG!

    • villemar

      Thinking about that excellent Eliminationist Cosplay phrase, I think it’s the next logical step for the diehard Obama Nullificationist crowd. And Obama Nullification is exactly what Teabaggers, Birthers, Alex Jones Cultists, the GOP leadership *and* Glenn Greenwald and his minions share with each other. This POTUS is not legitimate and anything other than total GOP hegemony is illegitimate to them, so they act accordingly. It doesn’t matter what PBO does or doesn’t do, to them he is a nullity.

      So it’s a 3 step descent into madness:
      1) Obama Nullification
      2) Eliminationist cosplay
      3) Actual eliminationism.

      I fear more and more lunatics will fall into the third category in the near future. Since they only know how to double down, I don’t know where else this will all lead to.

  • chris ellis

    Hobby Lobby’s case should be thrown out based on the idea that they are alleging a corporation can have religious beliefs. This is somehow getting conflated in the media to bethat the starter of the company’s beliefs are being infringed. NO, this is about trearing a corporation as a person in court and should simply be thrown out. It won’t be, and Kennedy showed in Citizens United that he is fine with this desifnation. The only hope we have is Roberts. AMAZING

  • Lady Willpower

    Thank you, Jesus.

    • chris ellis

      Ahem, BABY Jesus

      • IrishGrrrl

        No, no! Baby Jeebus on a Cracker

  • muselet

    It is a necessity of modern life to have a trustworthy geek or three on call. Bob, it sounds like you’ve found your trustworthy geeks. And if 808 Computers did all of what you described for free, I’d say you—in accordance with Car Talk‘s rules of customer/mechanics etiquette—owe them a pan of brownies, at the very least.

    Tiger Beat On The Potomac took time out from being utterly useless to be utterly useless? Imagine that!

    From the pictures I’ve seen, it looks like the little girl stepped back from Sunny and stumbled over the walker, which apparently belongs to an older boy who had his back to the incident. A dog got a little excited around a little kid, the kid fell down, no one was hurt, it’s just one of those things that happens. I expect Darrell Issa to open hearings into Sunnygate within the week. Scandal!

    Sadly, Chez, you’re probably right: the Right will go bonkers over this. They’ll tell the story as if Michelle Obama is the reincarnation of Bull Connor.

    I haven’t given Martin Bashir five seconds’ thought in the past ten years. Fortunately, his firing from MSNBC means I can go back to not thinking about him.

    Erik Rush is a poltroon, an IRL internet tough guy. He does everything he can to stir up the rubes, but he’d soil himself if he ever had to do more than run his mouth (so would most of the rubes, but that’s another story).

    “I would love to look inside the brain of somebody like that.” Chez, time on an electron microscope is kind of expensive.

    There is a line at which crazy merges with common or garden stupidity. Alex Jones long ago crossed it. The Paul Walker truthers haven’t just crossed that line, they’ve obliterated it.

    Chez, I’d agree with you about new media and gatekeepers if the people and institutions which are supposed to be those gatekeepers actually did their job instead of trying to pretend they’re also cool and edgy and new media-esque.

    Jeff Bezos wanted people to talk about Amazon, so he told 60 Minutes that he wanted a drone delivery fleet. Hey presto, people started talking about Amazon, and just before Christmas. What a coincidence.

    Bob, thank you for your quick overview of what emergency contraception really is. Most people have never taken a biology class and know nothing—and care less—about hormones or pregnancy or embryology (Dr. Nick Riviera: That’s what we look like inside? It’s disgusting!). You’re quite right that Hobby Lobby and the other people squealing about the requirement that health insurance cover contraception are basing their objections on bad science, but the Supremes have proven themselves just as pig-ignorant about the science of contraception and pregnancy and abortion, and they’re the ones who are going to make a binding decision about this. It would be enough to make me tear my hair out, if I had enough to spare.