Death Penalty

Wow. The Death Penalty is Harsh in Japan.

Well, this seems cruel.

Two death row inmates in Japan were killed today, following a controversial procedure where inmates are given a just a few hours notice before they are hanged, and relatives are not notified until the prisoners are already dead. Ryoji Kagayama and Mitsuo Fujishima were the latest condemned inmates to be put to death as part of this controversial “secret execution” program that has been condemned by human rights activists in Japan and abroad.

And they still hang people in Japan? Yikes. Very Deadwood of them.

h/t Price Benowitz LLP, Maryland
  • Razor

    Japanese prisons are fucked up. I remember seeing a 20/20 report on them in the 90s… They were making inmates sit cross legged in tiny rooms and they had to sit up straight for hours on end.

    • missliberties

      I have heard same from a marine who served over there years ago.

      Also at the time, if a dog barked, someone comes and knocks on your door, they give you some money for your pet, take your dog and shoot it. Not sure if that still happens or not. They are merciless and serious about breaking their laws.

  • Christopher Foxx

    The death penalty is harsh everywhere.

  • Ipecac

    Wow, that is cruel. By the way, we’re executing you today. Sorry you won’t be able to say goodbye to your family. We’ll tell them later.

  • zirgar

    And upon hearing this news, every Republican in Texas got a massive boner. BOI-YOING!

  • D_C_Wilson

    Three states: Delaware, Washington, and New Hampshire still have hanging as an option for execution. The primary method for all three is lethal injection. Delaware only allows it for offenses committed before 1986 and there is no one on death row who is currently eligible for it, but the law is still on the books. In Washington, inmates can request death by hanging while in New Hampshire, it is only available if lethal injection cannot be performed for some reason.

    • zirgar

      And in some states death row inmates can simply request life in Delaware.

      • D_C_Wilson

        Yeah, but who would?