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Best Name Ever for a Homophobe

Ah, don’t criticize Russia for its obviously anti-gay laws says Canadian IOC member… Dick Pound.

Yes, Dick Pound thinks we’ve been too hard on Russia when other nations have far worse anti-gay laws. Dick Pound also says the press has moved on to talking about terrorism at the Sochi Olympics because the press is tired of the gay issue.

The world’s concern about terrorist activities at the upcoming Sochi Olympics has been a result of the media losing interest in the homosexual issue in Russia, Canadian IOC member Dick Pound told Metro.

“Nobody has got anything else to write about and for some reason as they have sort of moved away from the anti-gay stuff — I think it’s not drawing the kind of attention that they wanted,” Pound said.

Pound said other countries have “far harsher laws” regarding homosexuals than Russia and little is written on that.

Dick Pound.

  • center_extremist

    Sack it to ‘em, Mr. Pound!

  • doug r

    We giggled about his name here as well. It was nice of him to talk the rest of the IOC into having the 2010 winter games in Vancouver.

  • jentiernan

    Tee hee. You’d think The Onion would have beat reality to this one.

  • JMAshby

    It looks like Dick is ready to pound the media.

  • Auld_mac

    If he got hitched to Влад we could see a Dick Pound-Putin

  • D_C_Wilson

    Well, he is right that there are countries that have harsher anti-gay laws and that the media doesn’t spend enough time talking about them. He’s just right for the wrong reasons.

  • zirgar

    Yeah, but most people who know him just refer to him as Dick (By The) Pound. Of course, this has multiple meanings…

  • hidflect

    Dick Pound. No, I don’t get it. Oh, wait…

  • IrishGrrrl

    Hehe, you had 3 paragraphs and managed to say his name 4 times…hehe…hehe

    • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

      Yeah, he really pounded it home!