California Begins Legislative Fight Against NSA

TPM reports:

A pair of California state senators, one Democrat and one Republican, have introduced legislation to prevent the state from helping NSA mass surveillance.

“The National Security Agency’s massive level of spying and indiscriminate collecting of phone and electronic data on all Americans, including more than 38 million Californians, is a direct threat to our liberty and freedom,” state Sen. Ted Lieu (D), who co-authored the bill with state Sen. Joel Anderson (R), said in a statement on Monday.

This is nullification and constitutionally questionable. And if there’s ever another terrorist attack, these are the same sorts of people who will be rending garments and crying, “Why?! WHY?! Obama’s fault!”

  • JMAshby

    Attempting to curtail the NSA by cutting off their power and water supply is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard of.

    • Churchlady320

      Simplistic minds find simplistic answers all loaded with tons of “symbolism” for their adoring fans. That’s what passes for policy, left and right extremists.

    • D_C_Wilson

      It’s an empty gesture. The NSA doesn’t have to have a physical presense in California to conduct its data gathering. Unless they propose to shut down every phone and internet connection in the state, there isn’t much they can do to stop it.

  • Badgerite

    Introducing legislation is one thing. Getting it passed is something else again. For that matter the NSA is now and has always been, since 2008, under the unique control of the United States Congress. They authorized its data collection activities by statute and continue to fund it. While trying to defund Obamacare. I am unimpressed. What’s more, when I look out at the world, i don’t see it getting any saner any time soon. There are real threats in the world.

    • D_C_Wilson

      It’s unlikely this bill will get past the committee stage. State reps introduce bills they know have no chance of passing all the time. Usually, it’s to a appease a certain constituency or to do a little grandstanding in order to get headlines like this one.

      • Christopher Foxx

        State reps introduce bills they know have no chance of passing all the time.

        It would be interesting to find out how many bills get introduced versus how many get out of committee, how many actually get voted on, get passed. And how it breaks down by party.

        I imagine it starts as a high number and winnows down to something rather small. Could be used as some indicator of how much time a legislative body wastes.

        • D_C_Wilson

          Pennsylvania is a lot smaller than California and our General Assembly has thousands of bills submitted every session but only passes a couple hundred. Most never even get so much as a committee hearing. Some state reps submit the same bill every session just to show some interest group that they’re still “on it.”

          I imagine that the situation for California is even bigger.

          • Churchlady320

            It’s bigger, but every bill gets a hearing. Many of them come from the public – sometimes via organizations that advocate positions related to the bill – and it is amazingly democratic. Despite Ted Lieu whom I like but sometimes don’t respect.

  • Churchlady320

    I know Ted Lieu who did some excellent work in the CA state legislature, but he is ALSO the one who, after the fuselage tear in a SW Airlines plane, demanded they ground their entire fleet permanently. He has no understanding of aircraft maintenance (every single part down to the tiniest screw and bolt has a code number and is replaced regularly – there is nothing ON a plane that is as old as the plane’s origins, not EVEN the fuselage.) He was willing, in a fit of pique, to abolish this employee owned and managed airline because HE said it wasn’t safe. No evidence, no facts, just his fury.
    And that’s the Emo answer to all problems.