Chris Christie Ethics Quote

Chris Christie Will Learn His Lesson. Maybe.

“I will learn things from this. I know I will. I don’t know exactly what it is yet that I’ll learn from it. But when I get the whole story and really try to understand what’s going on here, I know I’m going to learn things.” -Governor Chris Christie on his widening scandals

The good governor doesn’t really have any idea what’s going on, in fact he rarely interacts with David Wildstein, and he never even met Mayor Sokolich or that “Lady Mayor,” and Zimmer never had a conversation with Richard Constable, but when he gets to the bottom of this he’ll learn things.

He may learn that he’ll never be elected to a higher office again.

  • Sabyen91

    “I will learn to add another layer of middlemen so I have even more deniability.”

  • missliberties

    People are missing the boat. They should be looking at the bond holders, or future bond bidders, the Wall St. Big Swinging Dicks who want to finance the loans for his projects.

    Somehow Gen. Samson is behind this.

  • muselet

    Chris Christie told Yahoo News he’s determined to find out what happened and fix it.

    In the same interview, he declared himself “readier” to be president now than he was in 2011.

    No, Chris Christie will not learn any lessons from what’s happened.


    • Christopher Foxx

      Lessons Christie will take away from this:
      1. Hire people who are better at covering their tracks (e.g., no emails, keep my staff from talking)
      2. Put even tighter screws on people so thy KNOW they should support what I want them to support, or ELSE. (i.e., keep my victims from talking)

      “Maybe I shouldn’t abuse my position” will never make the list.

      • muselet

        Okay, maybe he’ll refine his technique.