Cartoons Congress Open Thread

Cold Temps and Benefit Cuts


Artist — Jeff Darcy

Holy fuckballs, it’s cold outside!

A whirlpool of frigid, dense air known as a “polar vortex” was expected to suppress temperatures in more than half of the continental U.S. starting into Monday and Tuesday, with wind chill warnings stretching from Montana to Alabama.

Temperatures in Chicago could fall to 100-year lows.

Bundle up, snuggle up, people!

  • joseph2004

    Yes, Happy New Year! At the moment here in the Twins it’s -20F. I went out last night while the temp was dropping to take it all in. That lasted all of about 5 minutes.

  • muselet

    As I type this, it’s 68° here and tomorrow is supposed to be 78°. All you Midwestern and Northeastern types have my sympathies. If you want to send some precipitation our way, it would be welcome, but you can keep the cold.


    • IrishGrrrl

      Same here Alo. It gets so dry here in the winter that we get nosebleeds. It’s high today at 19%! We need rain but not the cold.

      Sending warm thoughts to all you freezing your tushes off. Avoid prolonged exposure if at all possible.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    I would like to present to you all, a poem I wrote:

    An Ode to Winter

    “FUCK, IT’S COLD!!!”

    Thank you.