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If you believe RNC Chairman and women’s healthcare product Reince Priebus, Congressional Democrats aren’t actually interested in passing an extension of unemployment insurance because they want it to be a campaign issue in 2014.

PRIEBUS: “All of this kind of stuff is ridiculous because we’re spending all of our time actually talking and perpetrating what the Democrats actually want. They don’t want this to pass, what they want to do is they want to talk about these things, they want to talk about minimum wage and what they want to do ultimately is create a campaign issue, this sort of rich vs. poor, the same old thing they can do and avoid Obamacare. That’s what they want.

Of course Reince Priebus and the Republicans could test this theory by agreeing to pass an extension of unemployment insurance and thus calling our bluff, couldn’t they? Democrats would have no choice but to fold their hand and prove him right. Let’s do it.

If there’s something here you have to appreciate, it’s that Priebus admittedly recognizes that Rich vs. Poor is a problem for the Republican party. He also recognizes that the minimum wage is an issue for his party.

These are issues so damaging to them that he’d concoct this wild theory as a sort of coping mechanism.

Yes, economic inequality is a problem for us, but it’s the Democrats’ fault for holding us back from making it rain.

  • Badgerite

    He must be kidding. The GOP has been publicly and vociferously against any employee friendly legislation since forever. Bush, The Elder, was against The Medical Leave Act which allowed employees the right to take time off from their jobs for family illnesses without fear of losing their jobs. Bush vetoed it claiming it would “cost jobs”. Clinton signed it. No jobs were lost in the process. Quite a few were lost in the fall of 2008, though, when their deregulate wall street and the banks craze hit the wall of reality. Every GOP president since forever has opposed any increase in the minimum wage. Most of the prominent GOP politicians want to abolish it altogether, as per their Ayn Rand survival of the richest philosophy.

  • kfreed

    We could easily test that theory:

    “Sign and send the petition to Senate Republicans: Restore emergency unemployment benefits” via Daily Kos:

  • Sabyen91

    The obvious answer is to call their bluff, Rancid Prepuce. Pass it! That’ll show em!

  • Ned F

    This is part of their new strategy which includes co-opting the “war on poverty”. Shifting the talk from income inequality, which to them means wealth redistribution and tax increases, to some ambiguous idea of Democratic insincerity. Boehner went somewhere with this meme the other day about the minimum wage, such as it’s a quick fix and doesn’t solve the real problem such as repealing Obamacare. I don’t think it’s gonna work.

  • Mike_Norris

    Reince is clearly worried. He knows the unemployment extension is going to be a campaign issue–guaranteed. Being on the wrong side of every issue–and treating the poor and disenfranchised like shit–is really beginning to catch up with the Republicans. And Reince the douche bag knows it.

  • RenoRick

    I scooped stuff out of the cat litter box this morning smarter than Reince. The RNC would do well to dump this idiot. Plus, his face creeps me out!

  • Sean Richardson

    I am amused by the idea that the minimum wage issue / “rich vs. poor” stuff is an issue that the Democrats have to create.

  • nicole

    same old. same old.

    The Party of American Sociopaths will say or do anything so long as it relates to them keeping power, gaining more power, or harming the black president.

    They’re rat bastards without even a fucking smidgeon of conscience.

    • Mike_Norris

      Rat bastards…yeah. :)

    • Draxiar

      This is straight from the Rovian menu: Accuse your enemy of exactly what you’re doing and project the negativity onto them.