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David Sirota is an Embarrassment

Bob has already gone into this in further detail, but I’d just like to say David Sirota is a disgusting puke.


Is the president going to “assassinate” Edward Snowden?

Maybe. Possibly. Probably. Who knows? It’s possible! The administration is “floating” the idea, except not really. You could have pulled the above image from the chyrons of InfoWars, Stormfront, or an NRA conspiracy forum, but it was created by a supposed liberal.

The fantasies and delusions of grandeur of self-important white guys are truly unparalleled. It’s embarrassing. You’re an embarrassment.

  • Badgerite

    Oddly enough, that kind of official behavior sounds more like something Putin would and I’m sure has done than anything Obama would ever consider. God, these people are nuts.
    Verbiage indicating a desire to to kick someone’s ass for that fact that he deceived and betrayed the people he worked with and who trusted him and whose actions have harmed the country is not the same as advocating an ” extra judicial assassination ” of said betrayer.

  • Frito

    Bob, your thoughts on journalists who do not tow the party line are well-known. Any thoughts on the cosmetic, make-believe “reform” Obama came up with?

    • Sabyen91

      Do you also spend time at Infowars?

      Also, this little write-up isn’t from Bob.

      • bbiemeret

        Who’s got time for details like that?

    • mrbrink

      Tired of the Obama-Democrat party line and black people not knowing any better? Exhausted from having to explain to your shoulders why they must carry the burden of knowing you are smarter than everyone else? Try, Imaginary Line!

      Where dreams take wing!

      Giant roll of Aluminum foil sold separately.

  • kfreed

    Sirota has officially entered Tea Party territory.

    Dear David,
    Stop Koching Us:


    “something to keep in mind if you find yourself getting all dewy-eyed as you take your place on the bottom of the “strange bedfellows” at the rally, topped by such rancid libertarian outfits as FreedomWorks, the Kochs’ climate denial front Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Kochs’ new anti-Obamacare Astroturf front Generation Opportunity, Students For Liberty (funded by CIA/NSA contractor Peter Thiel), Ron Paul’s Young Americans For Liberty, the Libertarian Party….”