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GOP: Let’s Offset UI and Pensions by Dumping on Immigrant Children

If you were to guess that the Republicans would propose off-setting an extension of Unemployment Insurance or restoring military pensions by cutting other programs for the poor or needy, you would be close but not quite there. In fact, you may be underestimating their Family Values cruelness.

Ayotte’s proposal, which would prevent illegal immigrants from claiming the additional child tax credit, was initially introduced to reverse the military retirement benefits cut included in last month’s budget deal.

Ayotte said Tuesday that the measure would save $20 billion — enough to offset both the $6 billion pension cuts and the $6 billion for a three-month unemployment insurance extension.

You’re going to have that child whether you can afford to or not, and then we’re going to punish you for having an additional child so we can extend unemployment insurance for just three months. So fuck you and fuck you again.

Picard and Riker Facepalm

These credits amount to roughly $1,000 per child and they are paid to families with dependent, U.S.-born children under the age of 17 who are naturalized citizens of this country even if their parents are not. And in most cases, their parents are taxpayers.

Ayotte’s heinous proposal does not have the support of any Senate Democrats, thankfully, who prefer to close overseas tax loopholes instead.

There’s nothing funny about this but I can’t stop laughing because the GOP wouldn’t know Outreach if it hit them in the face. Their first inclination was to punish immigrant families rather than close of series of loopholes for the rich.

But, you know, those children belong to those people.

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