Chris Christie LGBT Open Thread

Punching Downward


Artist – Signe Wilkinson

A pair of dueling scandals may transform New Jersey Governor Chris Christie into a lameduck before he even begins his next term as governor, but he has still managed to find the courage to punch downward at transgender persons. Because almost no one will defend them.

Under A4097, a health care provider could confirm that an individual was transitioning and that alone would allow them to update all of their documentation. According to Christie’s veto statement, the bill doesn’t maintain “appropriate safeguards.”

Christie vetoed a bill to allow transgender persons to update their legal gender before undergoing reassignment surgery because something something fraud.

Because Chris Christie is an old-fashioned manly man’s masculine, muscular, tough man just trying to get by in a feminized world.

  • muselet

    “Appropriate safeguards”? Against what?

    Also, relevant.


    • Churchlady320

      The notion that gender transfer – since most is male to female – actually GETS you something for becoming a woman is mind boggling. We who were born female could provide a pretty good argument against that. So I second your question – safeguards against WHAT?