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Rubio Blocks State Department Nominee for Doing His Job, Negotiating for Peace


The Obama administration and the American people have no interest in getting involved in another middle eastern war, but members of Congress are adamant that war remain on the table.

While Congress ponders new sanctions on Iran that would jeopardize the peace process, try-hards like Marco Rubio are blocking nominees for simply having a role in peace talks.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is holding up a vote on a State Department nominee over his involvement in backchannel talks with Iran that have infuriated Republicans, The Hill has learned.

Rubio prevented the Senate Foreign Relations Committee from voting Wednesday to confirm White House Iran advisor Puneet Talwar as the new Assistant Secretary of State for Political Military Affairs. [...]

“Sen. Rubio is requesting additional information from Mr. Talwar about his role in the so-called “backchannel” outreach to Iran,” a Rubio spokeswoman told The Hill in an email.

The talks were “backchannel” as most serious talks are because, as we’ve seen, concern trolls and extremists in both America and Iran would never allow the talks to take place if they were broadcast on CNN.

Rubio is also blocking Eilene Gottemoeller for Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security and Frank Rose for Assistant Secretary of State for Verification and Compliance.

Why? Because the Obama administration hasn’t “definitively pledge that militarily significant reductions to the U.S. nuclear arsenal would only be carried out” unless approved by senators like Marco Rubio.

Rubio has a hard-on for nukes. He must feel very serious and authoritative at the moment.

  • Churchlady320

    I’m getting very tired of hacks finding their manhood at the expense of good national policy.

    • Christopher Foxx

      S’funny. I’ve always thought “manhood” meant something more like standing up for yourself, etc.

      “Like me, like me, oh please like me, I’ll do whatever you want if you’ll just like me. I’m manly because I’ve posed here with this big stick, right?” is a definition I hadn’t expected.

  • Sabyen91

    This guy has become irrelevant in record time. Herman Cain is impressed…

  • muselet

    Remember, according to the pundits, Marco Rubio is one of the smart Rs.


  • GrafZeppelin127

    Methinks the phones at Boeing, Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics are working overtime.