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Serial Liar Darrell Issa Accuses Sebelius of Lying


House Oversight Chairman Darrell “Witch Hunt” Issa hasn’t been able to find or invent an impeachable offense, but he is issuing threats to Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius based on things he invented.

Issa is threatening to conduct a legal probe of Sebelius for contradicting partial, cherry-picked transcripts Issa himself leaked to the media.

In a letter to Sebelius, Issa said he would give her an opportunity to “clarify or amend” her testimony prior to “further investigative action by the Committee.”

“Providing false or misleading testimony to Congress is a serious matter,” Issa warned in the letter. “Witnesses who purposely give false or misleading testimony during a Congressional hearing may be subject to criminal liability.”

To be clear, Darrell Issa leaked partial transcripts from interviews which made it appear as though is riddled with security flaws, but the truth is those flaws were fixed before the interviews were conducted. The fact that the security holes were identified and plugged before Issa’s inquisition was left out of the material he leaked.

The idea that represents a major threat to the security and privacy of those who use it is a complete fabrication that was produced by Darrell Issa. He’s trying, and failing, to wag the dog.

Issa is now accusing Sebelius of lying while it is he who is the biggest liar in Congress.

House Republicans are moving on from conducting a political campaign on the taxpayer dime to potentially conducting a frivolous legal probe on the taxpayer dime.

Darrell Issa should face ethics charges and be removed from office, but misuse of the House Ethics Committee is also a part of their campaign.

  • Christopher Foxx

    As long as Sebilius and HHS refuse to play Issa’s game this will be a brief nothing.

    If they give into the silliness, they lose.

  • Sabyen91

    Some people just want to watch the world burn…after they took a policy out on said world.

    • Christopher Foxx

      Issa isn’t included in that last part. He just wants flames.

  • kfreed

    Why for Issa’s vendetta against HHS?:

    Wonkette quotes Politico:

    “…well, this is just so awesome, even though it is from Politico:

    The Health and Human Services Department told… Chairman
    Darrell Issa [R-CA] that it won’t turn over documents related to the
    security of the website because it can’t trust him to
    keep secret information that could give hackers a roadmap to wreak havoc
    on the system.”

  • muselet

    HHS’s immediate response is entirely appropriate:

    HHS spokeswoman Joanne Peters said the agency had received the letter and would respond directly to the committee.

    She said Issa was seeking to rehash settled testimony based on “partial transcript excerpts” and defended the website’s security controls.

    “The components that are operational have been determined to be compliant with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), based on standards promulgated by the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST),” she wrote.

    “There have been no successful security attacks on and no person or group has maliciously accessed personally identifiable information,” she continued. “An independent security control assessor tested each piece of the system that went live October 1 prior to that date with no open high findings. All high, moderate and low security risk findings listed on the SCAs for the portions of the website that launched October 1 were either fixed, or have strategies and plans in place to fix the findings that meet industry standards.”

    Darrell Issa really needs to find another hobby.


    • kfreed

      Thanks for the info. Mind if I add a link to the quoted material via The Hill (searched after you posted)?

      Also of note in the article:
      “Caught in the dispute is MITRE Corp., a contractor working to assess security issues with the ObamaCare website.

      Issa says Sebelius’s claims that MITRE conducted ongoing security testing
      that didn’t raise any red flags before the launch is false.

      Last year, Issa subpoenaed documents from the company, after the administration allowed his staffers to review some reports in a secure room, rather than turning over physical copies of the document.

      Democrats argued the documents contained highly sensitive material that could
      compromise’s security. They said Issa had a history of
      leaking confidential information in a way that promotes “inaccurate”
      media coverage and therefore couldn’t be trusted with the documents.

      MITRE ultimately complied with the subpoena.”