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The Daily Banter Mail Bag: The Rejection of the Tea Party, Clemency for Snowden and Our New Year’s Resolutions

This week’s questions. Answers here.

1) Do you think the establishment Republican plan to stop the “fools” in the Tea Party will actually work or will it only hasten a rift in the GOP (and is this a bad thing)?
– Milo

2) Okay, serious question. Taking Greenwald’s antics out of the picture and setting aside any personal feelings about what he did (whether you agree with it or disagree) do you think there’s a good case for Snowden coming back to the U.S. as a protected whistleblower. The New York Times is pushing for it. (So is the Guardian but they really don’t count.) What do you think?
– CJ

3) What are your New Years resolutions?
– Tracy

  • cleos_mom

    1. No

    2. Probably not

    3. Outgrew NYRs before I was out of elementary school.

    (Hope your other responses are more entertaining!