The Revolution is Ongoing

Or so they tell me.

According to the organizer of the next rally to overthrow the government, as many 30 million 30 people may show up. via Right Wing Watch

Yesterday, Operation American Spring organizer Harry Riley appeared on Alan Colmes’ radio show, where he explained his plan to bring 10-20 million people into the nation’s capital for a rally to overthrow Obama with the help of militias.

While Riley seems to have downgraded his turnout estimate, which organizers previously put at 30 million people, he told Colmes that the demonstration will be so “massive” that it will stretch into Maryland and Virginia and will block traffic and commerce.

The last time a group of delusional nutjobs — the so-called “Constitutional Truckers” — claimed that they would blot out the sun and cause a traffic jam, they barely accounted for a blip in already heavy traffic conditions.

More recently Larry Klayman’s rally to overthrow the government attracted a spattering of hundreds, not the millions he predicted.


  • trgahan

    Example number 43256 of: It is all volume over content. This is a minority of a minority paid to be loud; therefore taken seriously be people who should know better.
    They are NOT what America wants and they don’t reflect any majority.

  • villemar

    Dammit I did it again. Upon first glance, I misread that iconic (haha) image as “Smell the Tranny.”

  • Norbrook

    Most of people at Klayman’s rally were the speakers, not “patriots ready to march on the White House.” There were bigger protests across the street from them, about things like banning GMO’s, or telling the truth about aliens.

    Just some helpful hints for the “mass of patriots” who will descend on DC: There are no charging stations for your scooters; there is no parking on the Mall, you’ll have to take the Metro or the bus; and DC does require that you have a permit for your rally.

  • muselet

    “Of course we had 30 million people on the Mall! Every one of those good, honest, hard-working racist crackers American patriots who participated represented a million other good, honest, hard-working racist crackers American patriots who couldn’t make it to Washington! It wasn’t reported that way because of liberal media bias!”


    • IrishGrrrl

      Hey, you forgot to include at least another million people (for the voices in their head).

      • muselet

        Sorry. Wingnut arithmetic makes my brain hurt.