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State of the Inequality

Artist – Rob Rogers

Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) is very concerned about the government takeover of government contracting. Or something.

Did you know the president signs executive orders “on his own?” The audacity!

There will be 5 separate Republican responses to the president’s State of the Union speech tonight if you include Ron Paul.

  • mrbrink

    I just got through with Rand Paul’s response and I can’t stop laughing at that fucking idiot.

    “Economic freedom zones” = we’re all quarantined libertarians, now. Where freedom checks in, and it doesn’t check out unless you’ve got your papers and/or ultra sound results.

    Economic refugee camps where the wise elders of gated communities, or “freedom communities,” pick and choose the winners and losers, and the winners– after correctly answering a lengthy questionnaire:

    1) Do you believe the liberal agenda is a cancer that needs to be cured by freedom and liberty?

    They get to stay as long as they know their place, aren’t openly homosexual, have read Atlas Shrugged, and don’t give Rand Paul any lip about not getting your fair share. You work the mines, he’ll work his magical freedom bedazzler like you’ve never seen.

    Rand Paul says the government shouldn’t be picking winners and losers, but he will make an exception for his ‘economic freedom zones’ because the government only picks the losers like you, America!

    “Economic freedom zones” are for winners. But only if you believe in the power of freedom can we be winners and prosper once again. Hope & Change is just a slogan. We don’t need more failed slogans. Ronald Reagan once said, “government sucks and so do you if you don’t think so,” and he was right because he was a real leader, not some actor pretending to be a leader and bowing to our enemies.

    If we listen to Rand Paul, and if we believe in five hour freedom energy drinks, we can be prosperous again, like we were before this job-killing 16,000 DOW came along. We’ve just got to believe in failure, and our hopes will follow while tied to the back of a pickup truck. An American made pickup truck!

    • IrishGrrrl

      “our hopes will follow while tied to the back of a pickup truck” and dragged until it’s been liberated as tiny gory bits.


    • JMAshby

      I live-tweeted all of the GOP responses last night and by the time It was over I was 3 beers shorter than I was before.

      • mrbrink

        Best damn twitter chicken in the state.

  • drspittle

    But does the number of responses include all of the voices in each of their heads?

  • muselet

    RIP, Pete Seeger.

    Roy Edroso and Charlie Pierce wrote graceful—and grateful—obituaries that are well worth reading.