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We’re All Slaves Now (Not Really)


Why would anyone host a gun raffle to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.?

The Multnomah County Republican Party of Oregon explains.

“The great political issue today is whether or not the American people of all creeds and races will live free or live as slaves – slaves to their own overreaching government. 50 years ago, Martin Luther King’s great speech was an appeal for freedom for African Americans. Today, those same words he spoke 50 years ago are an appeal for freedom for all Americans.”

We’re raffling a gun on MLK Day because us white guys are oppressed too. We’re suffering under the boot of the reverse-racist black president. We’re all slaves now.

It’s quite clear that the Multnomah Republican Party has no idea what they’re talking about. King was anything but a crusader against “overreaching government” in the manner that today’s Republicans see it. He felt that we all have a responsibility to help those in need and he supported a guaranteed minimum income. If he were alive today, Republicans would probably describe him as a far-left socialist activist.

For comparison’s sake — in this day and age Don Lemon is apparently what qualifies as a “ultra-leftist African-American political activist” according to some people. Don Lemon thinks Stop and Frisk was justified.

  • gescove

    Oregon Republicans chose Art Robinson to be their new Chairman last August which says a lot about the party as a whole. He’s a global warming skeptic. He thinks the best way to deal with spent nuclear fuel is to widely disperse it over the land and oceans or use it as an additive to concrete and building insulation. In his unsuccessful race against Peter DeFazio, Robinson referred to public schools as tax-financed socialism and a form of child abuse. Oregon Republicans have fallen an awfully long way from the days of Tom McCall and Mark Hatfield.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Wasn’t he the guy who went apeshit on The Rachel Maddow Show back in 2010?

      • muselet

        That’s the guy. “I’m a scientist, dammit! Stop making fun of me!”

        That was a remarkable interview.


      • gescove

        The very same.

  • Vermillion

    I just….guh.

    You know Hanlon’s law? It says to never attribute to malice what is easily explained by stupidity. A lot of things in life can be understood through that law.

    It was never designed to handle stuff like this.


    Sorry, rage spasm on the last bit there.

  • muselet

    The Multnomah County Republican Party of Oregon explains.

    I’m not entirely sure “explains” is the appropriate word.


  • Churchlady320

    When I was a teen, the local John Birch Society had its annual booth (hand-lettered cardboard and badly mounted magazine photos) at the county fair devoted to showing ‘proof’ that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – a minister – was a “godless commie.” They began as extremists. Now they’re the party. That is how far they and their delusions have come.

    • D_C_Wilson

      The Birchers have come a long way. They went from handing out pamphlets on street corners to monopolizing talk radio, having their own cable channel, and running multiple websites. Their ads have become much more slick than “hand-lettered cardboard and badly mounted magazine photos”, but the message is still the same.

      Fluoride is a communist plot!

  • 1933john

    Because they wish to honor
    the “Great White Shooter”.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Sadly, that is probably not far from the truth.