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Artist – Pat Bagley

Two school employees were placed on leave today for taking lunch away from 40 children, and this story continues to be infuriating and awful.

“I got a call from my daughter during the lunch hour. She was crying and saying, ‘They won’t let me eat lunch,’” said Conway, who was nowhere near school or a computer to load her lunch card with money.

“I asked her to put her teacher on the phone. [The teacher] told me, ‘This is happening to a lot of kids today,’ and said she would go to the lunchroom and take care of it,” Conway said. “But when my daughter came home she said she was given an orange and milk and that a friend had given her some potato chips.” [...]

“The school has three phone numbers for me and three email addresses. But how did I hear I had a negative $4 balance? From my daughter calling me and crying,” he said. “Everyone is culpable here except the kids.”

Upon further examination, I think parents may be right that certain employees are being scapegoated for terrible district policy. Whoever ordered for food to be thrown away should be fired.

If you order someone to take the food on a child’s tray and toss it in the garbage, you are a fucking sociopath. To do so under any circumstances is wrong. To do so over $4 is unfathomable.

This is a much bigger issue and a larger topic for discussion, but children shouldn’t be denied lunch at school under any circumstances. It’s inexcusable.

  • Badgerite

    Didn’t they used to say ‘the children are our future’. So they think it is a ‘good idea’ to throw our future in the garbage? Keep at this story. Pull some threads. Thanks.

  • lynnnoe

    So…the school couldn’t afford to just let the kids eat the food, but it could afford to throw it away, and then give them milk and a piece of fruit… oooookkkkaayyyy

  • lahru

    Chris Christy would approve.

  • Churchlady320

    The GOP meme that children of the poor are garbage, that they should – unlike their wealthier peers – be forced to work for food has given people the idea that these acts are all right. Shaming the poor is a reversion to the GOP’s beloved Victorian Values, the Dickensian orphanages where children are abused, starved, forced to work at young ages. Back to the Dark Satanic Mill with them! The sins of the father etc. This Social Darwinism has gotten so out of hand when it is directed first at women (sluts) now children (takers) that the entire principle has to be eradicated and fast. Despicable lack of humanity from people who, I am sure, believe themselves to be ‘good Christians’. Bah!

    • cleos_mom

      And if the GOP doesn’t recognize a source of cheap labor, nobody does.

  • Mike_Norris

    “If you order someone to take the food on a child’s tray and toss it in the garbage, you are a fucking sociopath. ”
    Fucking sociopath. Thank-you. That’s better than the term I came up with which was “low life motherfucker.”

    • Badgerite

      Positively fucking eloquent.

  • muselet

    The BBC reported on the story and provided this disturbing perspective:

    Schools in other states have taken similar actions. In the last year, students in Massachusetts, Indiana, Maine and Kentucky had lunches taken from them and discarded.

    We’re number one! We’re number one! (At what, I’m not saying.)

    The people in Utah who should be fired are the ones who established the policy in the first place. If a local has to walk the plank, it should be the district child-nutrition manager, not the school cafeteria manager (it’s not like school-level employees have a lot of authority).


  • Christopher Foxx

    If you order someone to take the food on a child’s tray and toss it in the garbage, you are a fucking sociopath. To do so under any circumstances is wrong. To do so over $4 is unfathomable.

    Is it a fundamental absence of compassion and responsibility?
    A basic inability to consider consequence? (Did nobody who created the policy consider what it would mean?)
    A willingness to blindly follow what you’re told so you can, what, never have to be responsible? (This is the policy. “I’m just following orders.”)

    I really don’t see how one takes food from a child’s hands and throws it away. Or, if the concern was over money, how throwing away food the school has already had to pay for makes any sense.

    I just fin things like this inconceivable. Can’t get my head around it.

    (Unfortunately, that’s becoming a familiar experience.)

    • cleos_mom

      What’s even more troubling, though not surprising in a way, is the rhetoric I’ve seen both defending these actions and blaming the parents. Because we have no poverty in ‘murka, doncha know. As usual, the people who shout the loudest about The Children are talking about their own plus any that they can exploit in a political or social issue dispute. All the other little guttersnipes can go hungry.

      • reginahny

        So true, but remember: they aren’t shouting loud for The Children, they only shout for The Fetuses. The Children should pull themselves up by their baby-shoe straps.

    • Sabyen91

      I argued with a couple of people who thought it was appropriate because the parents were lazy and irresponsible. I suspected the notification system was inadequate from the first story but that is really beside the point. These children did nothing wrong and there is no scenario where they should ever be denied food by the school, which is their caretaker from 8am-3pm. And they most certainly shouldn’t be humiliated and hurt in front of their classmates by those who are supposed to be looking out for them. It is sick, disgusting poor-shaming.