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Who Wants to Violently Overthrow the President Today?

It’s the egregious return of radio host Pete Santilli and psychonaut Jim Garrow. Not immediately familiar? You might recall Santilli’s remarks about wanting to shoot Hillary Clinton “in the vagina,” and Garrow is one of the paranoid crackpots behind the “Obama wanted to nuke the Super Bowl” conspiracy theory. Yes, these cats have loyal listeners and, because there’s no lack of gullible dumbstupids out there, a degree of influence within the conservative entertainment complex.

Well, according to Right Wing Watch, Garrow appeared on Santilli’s show, and what followed was an eliminationist wet dream. The duo described in detail how they intend for 30 million protesters backed by elements of the U.S. military to overthrow President Obama.


We have an opportunity here where our military commanders can affect arrests on these criminals. Do we not? Do you think that’s going to happen? I’m not calling for — well, yes I’m calling for the military to restore our Republic. Is it a military coup? I would say that it’s probably the most orderly fashion to do this. But don’t you agree that it must be a forceful, abrupt change. It can be peaceful but it has to happen in a short period of time, doesn’t it?

I love how he says he’s “calling for… the military to restore the Republic.” As if the demands of a mid-level radio deejay will deploy the military to the White House to arrest the president. Hilarious. What’s next, Santilli? I call for God and the baby Jesus to give me one million dollars in cash, and, while you’re up, shoot Hillary Clinton in the vagina! Go! Now!

Oh, and this coup d’etat has a name. Operation American Spring. Get it?

Garrow: It’s called Operation American Spring and it springs from that whole notion of what was going on with the Egypt groups, the people in Egypt rising up and saying ‘hey we want a return to freedom and not to a repressive Muslim regime.’

Santilli: Where is this going to take place? It’s on May 16.

Garrow: It’s on May 16 and it’s going to be in the Mall. They’re expecting 30 million people. There’s never been a gathering as large as they’re predicting for this event.

Santilli: Wow. That’s something that we can—actually we all need to get behind. We have no choice at this point and time.

Yeah, Egypt turned out really, really well. Good luck with that, boys.

That’s not all. Why not sprinkle in some guerrilla warfare!

Santilli: Guerrilla warfare is the potential that may come about if they try to test our resolve, isn’t it? They need to know that we’re prepared and they probably will test us, won’t they?

Once again, this is nothing but horseshit bluster. It’s Rebellion Fantasy Porn for the gawking amusement of angry white people who, in spite of invoking the word “Republic” a lot, refuse to employ the republican (small “r”) method of change: elections. But no, they’ll never gather 30 million people. And no, they’ll never successfully stage a coup. Why? Because it’s bullshit content for a radio show — not anything serious. In fact, I’d be shocked if the Secret Service even bothers to pursue this one.

(h/t Charles Johnson)

  • muselet

    They’re expecting 30 million people.

    Are they, now?

    I seem to recall the last time Righties were going to descend upon DC because something something something FREEDUMB! was when tens of thousands of truckers were going to jam the Beltway. And something like a dozen rigs showed up before the whole thing got called off as too humiliating even for dumb people.

    If Operation American Spring (oy) draws a hundred people, they’ll be lucky.


  • Badgerite

    These guys make Edward Snowden look good. And as far as I’m concerned, that ain’t easy.

  • JMAshby


  • Ipecac

    30 million? 30 million *people*? Wow, that’s more delusional than anything else these guys said. Just wait until May 16 when, at best, 10,000 people gather on the Mall.

    Idiots. Traitorous idiots.

    • vgranucci

      10000? If there’s that many, at least 1/2 will be jounalists and the terminally curious.

      • Ipecac

        Yeah, I was being very generous. :-)