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Whoops! Voter Fraud Poll Finds It Isn’t a Big Deal

Larry Klayman’s Judicial Watch (yes, that Larry Klayman, the one that wants to overthrow the government) and Breitbart.com sponsored a poll on voter fraud and found that very few people view it as a “major problem.”

Just 36 percent indicated that voter fraud is a “major problem in the U.S.” Thirty nine percent indicated that it is a minor problem and 15 percent more said it was not a problem at all. While Judicial Watch announced these findings as “Three-quarters (75%) of adults recognize voter fraud as a problem in the United States,” a closer inspection of the crosstabs shows that 54 percent believe voter fraud to be a minor or non-existent issue. While 53 percent of the Republicans polled consider it a major problem, just 26 percent of Democrats and 33 percent of independents shared with that view.

If Judicial Watch and the crack team at Breitbart can’t rig a poll to show what they want it to show by asking a slanted question, it may in fact be true that next to nobody believes fraud is a major problem.

  • Christopher Foxx

    Voter fraud is not a problem, regardless of whether people think it is or not. Reality isn’t subject to opinion.

    That said, since when is over a third of the population “a very few people”?

  • gescove

    The question should have been “Do you think it would be better for Republicans if Democrats or likely Democrats were denied the opportunity to vote?” Then they’d get the results they were looking for.

    • Christopher Foxx

      The tragic thing is, you’re right. A lot of people, who will swear that they are proud and good Americans and firm supporters of the Constitution, will have no problem publicly and loudly proclaiming that people who disagree with them should be stripped of their right to vote.